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Just Shoot Me

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A grand project

April 05, 2011

For the past seven months, i have been involved in a gargantuan undertaking - writing about WW2 in Tamil wikipedia. Books and materials on wars are few and far between in Tamil and the few that exist have been written by people with no clue about military history. So i have set out to remedy this by covering WW2 i some detail. yes i know, i am no proper military historian, but i have been reading on this subject for the past twenty years and know enough to write a decent article without mucking things up.

The target is to write a 1000 articles covering all the major issues and happenings. I began in September 2010 and have completed about 200 articles so far. Have finished two major fronts - Western Europe and North Africa. It will probably take a couple of years to finish this project


posted by Bala, 2:22 PM


//i have been reading on this subject for the past twenty years//


Just wanted to cheer for great work in Tamil Wikipedia.
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commented by Blogger Ram Katariya, 12:55 PM  

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