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Just Shoot Me

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All politics is local

April 13, 2011

I voted for ADMK for the first time today. For someone whose first political impressions were formed during 1991-96, this is a very difficult thing to do. After all as the newly emerging SUN TV did teach us that JJ is the embodiment of all things corrupt and bad in TN politics. But Mu.ka family's antics have pushed even me, who wouldn't normally touch ADMK with a ten feet long pole, into amma's hands. First world tender-contract corruption is perfectly acceptable (who is pure these days - certainly not me), But to go the african banana republic "my family eats everything" route is too much.

Even with all this, i almost pushed the button for udhaya sooriyan out of reflex. But the proverbial final straw was DMK's candidate - they guy is our current panchayat board president. There is bad blood between us and him - he has been pissing our family off for the last ten years by doing everything in his power to deny our street tar topping, water and street lights for the past ten years and that was enough to convince me to vote ADMK. What 6 hours a day power cuts, the prospect of azhagiri becoming CM and 1,76,000 crores couldn't do, the personal grudge did. All three votes in our house went for ADMK - another first. Even my coddled by karunanidhi-govt servant/pensioner mom has went against DMK today. Doesn't bode well for the ruling party.

If amma wins, we are in for five years of constant culture wars instigated by hindutva right wing assholes (meat ban anyone?). I hope admk doesnt win outright and gaeb10 gets enough MLAs to make a nuisance of himself.


posted by Bala, 2:22 PM


How was the turnout in u r area, it was really poor here in Chennai, i.e in my area.
commented by Blogger Anand S, 6:26 PM  
definitely greater than last time. By one o clock, 65% of the votes in my booth had been cast. Prelim reports indicate turnout would rival the 1967 election.
commented by Blogger Bala, 9:37 PM  
"African banana republics" -- the banana republics were in South America, not Africa. and were characterized as much by United Fruit imperialism and political instability as by corruption. Not sure why the "my family eats everything" is supposed to be characteristically African or South American -- plenty of examples from nearer by, Asif Zardari comes to mind.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:02 AM  
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pacha unmai... "What 6 hours a day power cuts, the prospect of azhagiri becoming CM and 1,76,000 crores couldn't do, the personal grudge did"... this s how v vote la!!! :(
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