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Kaluvura kaiyila..

January 21, 2010

Vadivel has a brilliant piece of dialogue in the Thevar Magan which goes like "kaluvura kaila thinganum, thingara kaila kaluvanum". (after his arm gets hacked off in the film). And i have been doing the same for the past three weeks - result of breaking my left arm by falling down in the bathroom. And it has broken exactly in the same place it broke twenty years ago. The worst part about is wearing a cast and answering everyone's questions. Apparently people find it hard to believe that a 28 year old man can fall down in the bathroom. Almost always they blink in surprise and ask the question the second time to confirm - "enna bathroomlaya?". Then they give this disbelieving look like "thanniyadichitu vandiya ottiruppan..bathroomlannu kadhai vidran". Thankfully the more painful days were distracted by my brother's diarrhea. Dude came home after seven long years in seemai , ate something here and had to be hospitalized and drip fed. These first world sissies cant stand a wee bit of E coli. It is good to have someone to laugh at when you are suffering from pain. And i am really really grateful for the gift of immunity from E. Coli, my dear motherland has granted me.

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posted by Bala, 4:22 PM


Get well soon. So how do you trade now, out of home?
commented by Blogger Chenthil, 10:11 AM  
chen, i am almost ok now.. have regained about 80 percent use of the arm. i traded in home itself.. since right arm was okay.. one hand typing was not a problem. (though a little bit slow)
commented by Blogger Bala, 10:36 AM  

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