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Just Shoot Me

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When The Hindu gets inspired by me..

December 07, 2009

Today's Hindu has an opinion column on language issue in India by it's Reader's editor - S. Viswanathan. Its well written and convers a lot of ground. And it is basically a rehash of Wikipedia article on Anti Hindi agitations of Tamil Nadu. Granted, there is some additional research and the language has been reworked till it is almost unrecognizable. But i still recognize it because i was the one who wrote the Wikipedia article (with help from another editor). A few phrases have been taken verbatim from wikipedia lead section . You wont find them in the current wikipedia article as we are constantly rewriting it to make it a featured article. But they were there a week ago (are still there in the article history). I rewrote this particular article only a couple of weeks ago and I feel sort of proud that a mainstream newspaper has seen it worthy enough to base a opinion piece upon it.


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