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Just Shoot Me

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Deromantizing palayakarars

August 24, 2009

Recently i bought "History of Tirunelveli" by Robert Caldwell. The book (atleast the tamil translation) is a dry screed which makes me sleep within a couple of pages. It would have ended somewhere near the bottom of the "never to be touched again" book pile, but was rescued by my mother. Till recently her view of history has been the kalki/sandilyan historical romances singing paens to kings and emperors. And this book turned her historical world view upside down. Robert Caldwell has that effect on you - dude was a evangelist curmudgeon who leaves none spared in his scathing narratives. All the childhood heroes and demigods whose larger than life images have been carefully built up by a thousand movies/dramas, non-detail texts and tireless myth making by jathi sangams are exposed to be nothing more than common thieves, bandits and charlatans.

Anyone who needs a sober reading of southern tamil nadu history, ought to read this book.


posted by Bala, 12:18 PM


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