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Just Shoot Me

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May 11, 2009

Elections are here and i am going to vote DMDK. I don't know the name of the DMDK candidate for Coimbatore. Here is the rationale - no matter who wins, the next govt at the center will certainly have atleast 5 or 6 ministers from tamil nadu. And they will prove adept in bringing home the pork (we are certainly grateful to the commission variety corruption). So there is no overwhelming urge to vote for DMK or the ADMK in particular.

This 40 year old boring cycle of DMK or ADMK has to end. It is getting rather stale and we certainly need a different clique/mafia/sychophantic group steeling our money. The MK group and mannargudi group have got enough money now. Its time LK sudeesh and company has a chance to suck the tax payers' blood. Captain got 9 odd percent votes in 2006. That is way better than any other "third alternative" pretenders in TN have got in two decades. If he can take his percentage to anything near 15 percent, he has a good chance at replacing DMK as a prime contender once a certain inevitable event happens. And he is the best shot at ending the "tree cutter syndrome" from the vanniyar belt that has been plaguing tamil nadu for the past decade. And lastly, the most important reason of them all - If we can get captain busy being a full time politician, may be..just may be.. he will stop making movies like Mariyadhai

So vote DMDK. The symbol is "Murasu". Who cares who the candidate is.

PS : Voter roles are online; Booth locations are online; Voter addition is fairly easy (my brother who hasn't been in India in 6 years is still in the rolls); So try and vote. If you think electoral politics is bad, try to think of people who live in Swat or Buner or Pyongyang.


posted by Bala, 10:07 PM


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