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Just Shoot Me

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The big losers of 2009 elections

May 16, 2009

Wen Jiabao:

Now that his Indian sockpuppet Prakash Karat will not get anywhere near the corridors of power, the chinese politburo has lost a valuable (and cheap) agent of influence in India. If they want a replacement of this caliber, the price is going to be too huge. However, they still have N Ram to publish the Xinhua version of truth.

Kongunadu Munnetra peravai:

The big losers here ought to be the kongunadu munnetra peravai (gounder caste party). They have come in the third place in a lot of places in the kongu belt. But the ADMK still won all those seats even without them. Their future looks bleak - they cant ally with the DMK because historically their caste votes against the DMK and the vote wont transfer. And the ADMK wont touch them, now that it knows it doesnt need them to win in West Tamil Nadu. Before the next elections they are going the Makkal Thamizh desam/ pudhiya needhi katchi (if you are wondering who they are, that proves the point) way into the graveyard of caste outfits.

Dr Ramadoss
The trouble with luck is it eventually runs out. The good doctor (and his son, the little doctor) has finally made one switch too many and is now feeling the pain. Look, you run a caste outfit. No amount of posturing on the Tamil Eelam or playing the moral police is going to change that. You rode to power on the "Vanniyar vottu anniyarukku illai" (Vanniyars wont vote for outsiders) strategy. The other castes are not fools to vote for you again and again without something to show for it. And your own base would get bored eventually. All it takes is a wildcard like Vijaykanth to cut into your base and you are exposed as the 5 percenter that you actually are. Good bye and good riddance Doctor. It is a pity to lose the little doctor because he actually got it when it comes to the HIV policy and article 377.

Cho Ramasamy / ADMK / "Padhicha Makkal" types from chennai:

The lesson you ought to learn is - dont believe your own spin. MK is a wily operator. The free TVs and 1 rs rice are popular, the money power is over whelming, the turn out operation is superior and Vijaykanth takes a third of the anti DMK vote. And you still believe that you will win 40??. And you want Amma as the next PM while contesting only 23 seats?. Talk about delusions of grandeur. Whats wrong with you people?. I am tempted to go the old DK way and laugh it off as the crassness of parppaniyam. After all you are the geniuses who bought us the "animal slaughter ban law" in a state where more than 90 percent eat meat. If you cant stop waging class war, atleast be subtle about it.


I am now represented by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) in the Indian parliament. Sigh!.. of the 16 odd MPs they got, one is from Coimbatore. Seriously this is the party which split from the CPI to support the chinese invasion of 1962!. Sigh again. I sleep soundly knowing that Wen Jiabao effectively controls my representation to the Indian parliament


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The Flat Tax magic wand

May 15, 2009

One good thing about this whole "Not-Depression" we are in is the opportunity to test the soundness of the various economic doctrines. One such doctrine is the Flat Tax regime. It has been propounded by the "free market" fundamentalists as (one of the) panacea to all the ills of the "socialist" world we live in. The eastern european states coming off the commie yoke, in the 90s drank this kool aid and adapted flat tax regimes of varying percentages. And thus became the poster boys of the flat tax crowd. When everything was well and the credit bubble was alive and kicking, they soared. But when all went to hell, the "Baltic beacon" too has faltered.

Latvia, which has a flat tax of 25 percent, and Lithuania and Estonia, which have 21 percent tax rates, are all in deep economic trouble. They all have huge government budget deficits, a sign that they took in too little in tax revenue to cover their costs, primarily state expenditures to provide a generous welfare state. Conservatives might argue that they didn't slash welfare benefits enough, but there is no dispute that the flat tax didn't provide the expected revenue.

So flat tax regimes are not doing any better than the progressive tax regimes. Everyone is equally in the crapper. The magic runs out when the going gets tough.


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May 11, 2009

Elections are here and i am going to vote DMDK. I don't know the name of the DMDK candidate for Coimbatore. Here is the rationale - no matter who wins, the next govt at the center will certainly have atleast 5 or 6 ministers from tamil nadu. And they will prove adept in bringing home the pork (we are certainly grateful to the commission variety corruption). So there is no overwhelming urge to vote for DMK or the ADMK in particular.

This 40 year old boring cycle of DMK or ADMK has to end. It is getting rather stale and we certainly need a different clique/mafia/sychophantic group steeling our money. The MK group and mannargudi group have got enough money now. Its time LK sudeesh and company has a chance to suck the tax payers' blood. Captain got 9 odd percent votes in 2006. That is way better than any other "third alternative" pretenders in TN have got in two decades. If he can take his percentage to anything near 15 percent, he has a good chance at replacing DMK as a prime contender once a certain inevitable event happens. And he is the best shot at ending the "tree cutter syndrome" from the vanniyar belt that has been plaguing tamil nadu for the past decade. And lastly, the most important reason of them all - If we can get captain busy being a full time politician, may be..just may be.. he will stop making movies like Mariyadhai

So vote DMDK. The symbol is "Murasu". Who cares who the candidate is.

PS : Voter roles are online; Booth locations are online; Voter addition is fairly easy (my brother who hasn't been in India in 6 years is still in the rolls); So try and vote. If you think electoral politics is bad, try to think of people who live in Swat or Buner or Pyongyang.


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