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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

Acts of God

April 16, 2009

When i setup shop at home, i had to build multiple redundancies into the hardware - for power, for internet, for software etc. I have primary, secondary and tertiary systems for power, internet, terminals and trading platforms. I was smug that such a layered redundant setup would be immune to any interruption. Yesterday i learned how easy it is to suffer a 25 sigma event. A massive lightening strike fried a major part of my hardware. And this is the second time in two years my laptop(s) have been fried by lightening strikes. Here is another thing learned - however surge proof your electrical network is, the charge that leaks through the phone/Lan lines is enough to do serious damage. In my case even switched off modems and PCs got fried.
Thanks to my earlier paranoia i was able to regain connectivity within 12 hours and restore my infrastructure. But this incident has given me a new respect to black swan events - i am going to add yet another layer of fail safe to my systems.


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A rare occurrence

April 03, 2009

An indeterminate species of the Lilium family flowered today in my mother's garden.


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