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Engines of God - Jack McDevitt

December 31, 2008

In the streets of Hau-kai, we wait.
Night comes, winter descends.
The lights of the world grow cold.
And, in this three-hundredth year from the ascendancy of Bilat,
He will come who treads the dawn,
Tramples the sun beneath his feet
And judges the souls of men.
He will stride across the rooftops.
And he will fire the engines of God.

Man goes to space. Finds a lot of dead alien civilisations. Apparently in all known worlds, civilisations rise and fall every eight thousand years. Every eight thousand years, something happens which wipes the slate clean. Among the ruins of one such dead world is the above inscription. What is killing whole worlds in the galaxy like clockwork? What does that mean for Earth? Can such a thing can be stopped if it takes a shot at Earth?. This is the premise of the sprawling science fiction series Engines of God by Jack McDevitt.

The sheer scale of the series is absolutely amazing. Forget character development, forget plot twists, forget writing style. Just the scale and scope of this series is enough for someone who likes to read science fiction. This series belongs to the Xeno-Archeology / Anthrolopological science fiction genre - sort of Jared Diamond in Space. There are six books in this series. This is a must read for anyone who likes science fiction.

when i said this wasn't like Rendezvous with Rama i had read only the first book. Boy! was i wrong!!. The whole third book is a fanboy tribute to the the Rama series. I suspect there are a lot of tributes/homages to Clarke and other science fiction writers, but i read through them fast and have only vague suspicions. The second leisurely read through will reveal more.


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