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Just Shoot Me

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The unbearable hilarity of being single

November 19, 2008

Every now and then, my dad decides to make an attempt to change my marital status. He has a very standard shtick - stable marriage good, lonely existence bad;everyone gets married so should you etc. A typical "marriage convincing" session from him ends with me a)either laughing uncontrollably at him after reminding him of his screw ups in his life b)or screaming an highly inappropriate stream of invective at him.

A couple of weeks back around deepavali, he called me up and started his routine again. Only this time i noticed something strange with the "marital bliss" examples he was giving me. Out of the six or seven people he cited, i know for a fact one has a mistress (his wife is trying to run the mistress out of town), one is trying to fuck his college going neighbourhood girl (while his wife takes care of his two year old) and one is gay (my dad is not aware of this). Now i am not turning bigoted toward gays and the polygamists, but it does feel strange to have your father try and tempt you toward matrimony using such examples of marital bliss.

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posted by Bala, 6:24 PM


post more pointers... im struggling at keeping my mom at bay from this "marriage topic".
she trumps me with the "u'll go bald soon" card :(
commented by Blogger S m i t h a, 9:44 PM  

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