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Just Shoot Me

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The storm hits

September 15, 2008

Over the weekend

1) Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy

2) Merrill Lynch sells itself to Bank of America to avoid Lehman's Fate

3) AIG is in trouble and looks like going the Bear Stearns way.

The bear market is here to stay. No more cheap money to go around. How much Indian equity these troubled companies own and how much they will have to sell is not clear. What would happen, if they try to liquidate their Indian holdings?. And who will replace them as owners of huge chunks of the Indian large caps?

PS: i have to go check up what the indian "free market" crowd is doing these days..


posted by Bala, 7:47 AM


Being a libertarian doesn't cut it now, that is the reason the libertarian think tanks in India are in hibernation mode.
commented by Blogger Chenthil, 10:02 AM  


There are no atheists in foxholes/There are no libertarians in recessions !!!
commented by Blogger Bala, 4:47 PM  
So what does the free market say?
commented by Blogger Vinod Parameswaran, 2:57 PM  
they have the standard boilerplate excuse marxists have been using since the ussr went bust - " this is not our free market system and if it had been a perfect free market this wouldn't have happened"
commented by Blogger Bala, 3:02 PM  

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