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Just Shoot Me

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Socializing Risk..

September 10, 2008

I like the life free market types live in the united states of America. When markets go up, they get to preach about the strength and inevitability of the markets and generally make rude sounds about welfare socialism. And when shit hits the fan, they have their henchmen nationalize the mess they have made and make tax payers pay for cleaning it up.

But in India, the free market types are thwarted in their attempts by an even more sinister cabal of socialist type bureaucrats. There is this certain economist who appears in CNBC often and whose writings dot the pink papers now and then. Our guy was clamoring for a rate cut of 300 basis points in April and now seems to have gone quiet. With a >12% inflation, someone would try to lynch him if he repeats this sentiment now. But imagine if these types had control of the north block and the RBI. Like i have said earlier, such times make me glad to live in the same country as Prakash Karat and D Raja.


posted by Bala, 4:10 PM


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