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Just Shoot Me

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Reality has a socialistic bias

September 16, 2008

“For long we have lamented that there are too many controls in our nascent stage of development, perhaps they were necessary. In India I don’t see too much of an impact....”

-akhil gupta, deputy ceo, bharti airtel
commenting on the financial meltdown..

What he really means is this - thank god that the beauracrats led by yv reddy didnt allow us to do all those exotic derivative trading when we wanted to. if they hadn't stopped us, we would be toast today. Maybe regulation is not such a bad word at all.

I was going around feeding people the "there are no atheists in foxholes/there are no libertarians in recessions" line. But i did find some Indian libertarians who are giving the whole 'this is not a true free market system' line. Hee Hee.. i have been hearing the same thing from marxist apologists since the soviet union went bust.


posted by Bala, 8:50 PM


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