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kekkuravan keNapaya na...

May 02, 2008

Makkal TV is something i would call a "pseudo-serious" news channel. They pretend to cover serious issues while the other numerous sun tv clones that exist merely regurgitate cinema, mega serials and reality shows. But Makkal TV (besides its' dubious role as the MaRam vetti's mouth organ) is the bigger danger because they just pretend to understand what they are talking about and make up shit on the fly.

For instance, i was watching a news report on Inflation and the inappropriateness of having a whole sale price index instead of a retail price index. All the while the background voices were going on about in a serious note, they were showing stock footage of Odin software in action. Odin is a popular trading platform in India - it is used to feed orders in stock and commodity markets. It has nothing to do with Inflation calculation. And while the background voice droned on about the travails of the middle class amidst increasing inflation, some idiot in the screen was viewing net positions for the day and feeding bulk orders into ODIN !!!!.

கேக்கறவன் கேணப் பயனா எரும மாடு ஏரோப்ளேன் ஓட்டுமாம்... (The adults only version of the same proverb involving KR Vijaya's private parts has been deemed inappropriate and thus replaced with a PG 13 version)


posted by Bala, 8:05 PM


Visual medium; cinematic presentations; scary production values are must to get the ADHD viewer who might jump the ship to Thiruvilaiyadal
commented by Blogger Boston Bala, 11:36 PM  

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