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Just Shoot Me

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Oil Prices

May 27, 2008

A great post on Oil Prices from Naked Capitalism. In fact the most enlightening stuff on crude oil i have read outside of theoildrum.com.


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Retail Casestudy

May 23, 2008

There is an excellent case study on a Chennai supermarket in yesterday's issue of Business Line. People interested in seeing how the maLigai KaDai's are doing after the advent of Big Box retailers will find this worthwhile.


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Idukku Pichai Edukkalam...

May 20, 2008

My Favourite among Philosopher Goundamani's numerous ditties is idhukku pichai edukkalam (Rough Translation : I would rather beg). This particular gem was the first thought that came to me when i read S. Venkitaraman's article on food security in today's business line..

This brings to mind memories of the 1960s when, following the onset of famine conditions in Bihar and Northern India, India was forced to request the US for PL-480 shipments in a larger measure than before. If I recall right, we wanted 10 million tonnes of wheat and that too in a short period of time. I was then working with C. Subramaniam, former Food Minister, who made a special visit to the US to persuade the US Government under President Lyndon Johnson to expedite its shipment.It must be remembered that the US had then a large wheat surplus and Public Law 480 was a means of using that surplus for giving free food aid to distressed countries.I also recall that at that time the Communists of India were vociferous in their protest against obtaining the grant-in-aid.They had, however, no alternative to offer since Russian agriculture was at that time not robust enough to meet Russian needs, let alone supply India’s needs

It has been only 40 years since we have had a prime minister who advised us to skip one meal a week, to tide over famine (This is the famine that is referred to above).We did ineed beg other countries for food. Now we get pissed when the American president tells us that we are eating more.engalukkum kaalam varum... kalam vandhaal neram varum .. ;-)

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Darth Thiruvalluvar

May 15, 2008

I was reading something, when i came across the following Thirukkural

"அச்சமே கீழ்களது ஆசாரம் எச்சம்
அவாவுண்டேல் உண்டாம் சிறிது"

(Rough Translation : Fear keeps your subjects inline.. if not Greed does)

I thought i had heard this somewhere else. And after some head scratching, i remembered where i have heard this before. It is the same as the Tarkin Doctrine. Our Ayan Valluvar would have made an excellent Sith Lord, if he had been inclined so ;-)

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Arasangam - review

May 12, 2008

Gaeb10 vijaykanth is a much maligned actor, who has a habit of coming up with decent movies now and then. All that the director has to make a decent movie out of Gaeb10 is shut him up and reduce his dialogue by a factor ten. RamaNa and Perarasu (which is infact a good thriller movie) have the same thing in common - he speaks very very less. Arasangam is in the same mould - at least till the interval. The first half is a taut attempt at recreating the ambience of pulanvisaraNai. Despite gaeb10's numerous attempts at sabotaging the movie by speaking in English, explaining encryption/decryption, romancing a deaf girl (the director must be sending some message to gaeb10 by giving him a deaf wife), the screenplay moves in a steady pace and arrives at the obligatory twist at the interval.

And rapidly goes downhill from there. Apparently for no reason, Gaeb10 goes to Canada chasing Mukul Dev (who along with a lot of other Gaeb10 movie oldies - ravichandran, sriman, riyaz khan - has been given a chance to star in the film) and starts imitating Kamal in Vettayadu Vilayadu. After some funny (unintentional) scenes where Gaeb10 is reduced to fighting pigs (Director R Mathesh must have seen hannibal in full mabbu and decided this scene was worth stealing), he returns to India and his Vallarasu/Narasimma ways, jumps into (yes into, not on) moving trains, mouths more tech babble, makes some sacrifices and finally cleans the world of the sarvadesa theeviravadhis'. All the while, he has given Director R Mathesh the chance to prove he has watched Die Hard 4 and his fans some arasiyal dialogue and finally gave me a chance to get a headache on a saturday morning.

PS : None of the figures in the movie were worth watching. Especially considering the fact that i persuaded three young subordinates to chose this film over the slasher-thriller-cleavage-show flick silandhi


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Infinite Stupidity

May 07, 2008

Another day and another MLM operator bites the dust. Whatever happens, stupid people somehow find ways to get themselves cheated. My next business venture is going to be a MLM selling plots on the moon. Might make good money.


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kekkuravan keNapaya na...

May 02, 2008

Makkal TV is something i would call a "pseudo-serious" news channel. They pretend to cover serious issues while the other numerous sun tv clones that exist merely regurgitate cinema, mega serials and reality shows. But Makkal TV (besides its' dubious role as the MaRam vetti's mouth organ) is the bigger danger because they just pretend to understand what they are talking about and make up shit on the fly.

For instance, i was watching a news report on Inflation and the inappropriateness of having a whole sale price index instead of a retail price index. All the while the background voices were going on about in a serious note, they were showing stock footage of Odin software in action. Odin is a popular trading platform in India - it is used to feed orders in stock and commodity markets. It has nothing to do with Inflation calculation. And while the background voice droned on about the travails of the middle class amidst increasing inflation, some idiot in the screen was viewing net positions for the day and feeding bulk orders into ODIN !!!!.

கேக்கறவன் கேணப் பயனா எரும மாடு ஏரோப்ளேன் ஓட்டுமாம்... (The adults only version of the same proverb involving KR Vijaya's private parts has been deemed inappropriate and thus replaced with a PG 13 version)


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