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Strange ways to check shoplifting..

April 03, 2008

Reliance Fresh Madurai has a strange new practice. The security guard now inspects the bills of the people leaving the store and stamps a Thank You seal on it. I inquired why he was doing it and he says he is checking if the bill's timestamp to see it is not an old one!!!. WTF??. Is this some strange way of checking shoplifting?. Next time i am going there i plan to come out without buying anything and see how the guard reacts when he sees me without a bill.

However this is a much better than what they do in the Nilgris outlet nearby. They send attendants to shadow and keep an eye on you. A couple of months back, i spent half an hour window shopping while dodging the various "tails" tailing me. This despite having CCTVs on all the aisles. Is slippage by shoplifting so serious that they assign tails and irritate customers or is it just my face?


posted by Bala, 10:21 PM


I remember my experience at Odyssey (Adyar, Chennai). One couldn't read a couple of pages in a book before being accosted by a friendly assistant...

Anyways, maybe you look so hunger-stricken that they are afraid you might eat the groceries right there.. :)

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:22 AM  

Odyssey of the last decade was so snobbish. I would read a stephen king hardback 20 pages per visit, while the assistant tried to move me.

But last year i was there (they have moved to another location near adyar depot) and wonder of wonder, there were chairs available to sit and read. nambavae mudiyama, oru rendu mani neram ukkandu "my name is red" padichutu vandaen :-)).

And actually yes i sometimes start eating what i buy right after i pay the bill (mostly carrots). And my purchases must seem odd to them. who buys 4 carrots or 2 guavas, or one apple at a time. Bill amount never exceeds 10 rs.
commented by Blogger Bala, 12:29 AM  
I used to be a constant offender at gangarams (Blr). Folks over there will be genuinely alarmed at my entry and will advise me to buy the magazines, books anything which I pick up to peruse.

OTOH, big box retailers like Costco do check your bill to verify it against the shopping cart, even though they have the latest & greatest anti-theft devices installed!
commented by Blogger Boston Bala, 11:51 PM  

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