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Just Shoot Me

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pozhuthupokkin Appa???

April 16, 2008

some time back there was some discussion in themaanga.com about the ridiculousness of dubbing hindi ads into Tamil. The latest IPL ad - manoranjan ka baap easily wins in the stupidest dubbed advertisement competition. Some genius has decided to translate it as pozhuthupokkin aPPa (பொழுதுபோக்கின் அப்பா). Room pottu yosippaingalo?

Thinking back, the stupidest hindi/hinglish/generic advertising in Tamil heartland must be the big ING Vysya (No Chinta only money) hoarding that appeared opposite Raja Muthaiah manRam in Madurai, a couple of years back.

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posted by Bala, 7:06 PM


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