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Just Shoot Me

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anime and me

April 29, 2008

The Teenager in the Family (TIF) has bugged me into downloading a lot of obscure anime shows. Maybe i am growing older, but i don't get what's so special about anime. The hair is spiky, the mouths are geometric shapes,the scene transitions are glitchy and the noise is unbearable. 12 years back (when cartoon network was taking its baby steps in India), me and my cartoon watching companion(CWC) , tried watching some science fiction anime and couldn't get the hang of it. And we were no shirks when it came to cartoons - we lapped up all the crap hanna barbara and Turner broadcasting came up with. But we drew the line when it came to anime.

I didn't get anime then and i don't get it now. If TIF is any indication to go by, then ikkala ilaignargaL are hung up on this stuff. Aandava, kali muthiduchu!


posted by Bala, 8:57 PM


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