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Chidambaram and Valluvar, best pals for life

March 06, 2008

This budget, tamil nadu's brand ambassador for vetti - P Chidambaram, went beyond his usual affection for Thiruvalluvar and called him "my muse". Since this might very well be the last budget for PC, i set about compiling the Kurals' he has used in his budgets. They are given below, with my own take on what PC must have been thinking:

1) 2008-09
கொடைஅளி செங்கோல் குடிஓம்பல் நான்கும்
உடையானாம் வேந்தர்க்கு ஒளி
"Kodai Ali Sengol Kudi Ombal Nangum
Udaiyanam Vendharkku Oli"

[Generous grants, compassion, righteous rule and succour to the downtrodden Are the hallmarks of good governance]

What he meant to say: : Elections, man elections. I have to win my deposit back in sivagangai.
2) 2007-08
உழவினார் கைம்மடங்கின் இல்லை விழைவதூஉம்
விட்டேம்என் பார்க்கும் நிலை
"Uzhavinar Kai Madangin Illai Vizhaivathoom
Vittame Enbarkum Nilai"

[ If ploughmen keep their hands folded,Even sages claiming renunciation cannot find salvation]

What he meant to say: : Election varrappa kadana thaLLupadi paNNIkalam.
3) 2006-07
கருமம் சிதையாமல் கண்ணோட வல்லார்க்கு
உரிமை உடைத்துஇவ் வுலகு
Karumam Sidhaiyamal Kannoda Vallarku
Urimai Udaithu Iv Ulagu"

(The world is his who does his job With compassion)

What he meant to say: : I am gonna get medieval on D Raja and Prakash Karat
4) 2005-06
பிணியின்மை செல்வம் விளைவின்பம் ஏமம்
அணியென்ப நாட்டிற்கிவ் வைந்து
“Pini Inmai Selvam Vilaivu Inbam Emam
Ani Enba Nattirkku Iv Iyndhu”

(Health, wealth, produce, the happiness that is the result, and security - these five, the learned say, are the ornaments of a polity)

What he meant to say: : This is getting boring. Do i have to do this every year?
5) 2004-05
அறன்இழுக்காது அல்லவை நீக்கி,
மறன் இழுக்கா மானம் உடையது அரசு
"Aran Izhukkathu Allavai Neeki Maran Izhukka
Maanam Udayathu Arasu"

(They are good rulers who observe ethics, commit no crime and walk the path of honour and courage)

What he meant to say: : Dear Lord, please make D Raja shut up.
6) 1997-98
இடிப்பாரை இல்லாத ஏமரா மன்னன்
கெடுப்பார் இலானுங் கெடும
"Idipparai Illatha Emara Mannan
Keduppar Ilanum Kedum"

( Behold the King who reposeth not on those who can rebuke
him/He will perish even when he hath no enemies.)

What he meant to say: : Sitaram kesari, Area pakkam Vaadi, unna vachukkaren.
7) 1996-97
இயற்றலும் ஈட்டலும் காத்தலும் காத்த
வகுத்தலும் வல்லது அரசு.
"Iyattralum, eettalum, kattalum, katta
Vakuthalam Vallath Arasu"

(To be able to increase wealth, to lay it up and guard, And also well to distribute it, marks a royal lord.)

What he meant to say: : பாத்தீங்களா அண்ணன் பட்ஜெட் போடற தெறமய VDIS potta thana kaasu varudhu, adha vittu pottu, that LSE Phd panRaram reform.


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