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Just Shoot Me

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January 15, 2008

Dear Constant Reader,

I know! I know!. I disappeared for the better part of a month. Wait till you hear the excuses!.The first couple of weeks, i was laid low by some mysterious bug and had to get well by going home and sleeping it off - viral fevers tend to make one weak and non responsive to any stimuli. so i did nothing but curl up in a near foetal position and bitch to my mom about the rice gruel diet she was feeding me. Now that was the uninteresting part of the month - last week was spent in a hospital in Chennai. Not as a patient, but the guy who gives "company" to the patient. The patient in question stuck his foot under the Nilgris express (i swear it is the truth!) and miraculously escaped with only(!) four fingers getting amputated. So the last week was spent in a tiny couch in the hospital room listening to the same story repeated to what looked like atleast a thousand visitors who came to "thukkam visarichify".

The best thing about being laid low is the amount of reading one can do. My spiral into the fantasy genre is now getting steeper and has got me into something called "urban fantasy". And after mucking around three or four authors and four or five series of books, i even ended up reading a couple of vampire romances. All this has added about a dozen books to the "to be bought when flush with money" list. (i read the ebooks first -go gnutella! - and buy the copy when i get around to save the money ).

And so dear CR thus began 2008 for me. mayhaps your year began more fortunately than mine.

PS : happy mattu pongal


posted by Bala, 1:06 AM


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