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Just Shoot Me

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why monopoly rocks

November 28, 2007

Monopoly Rocks:

Example 1 :

The chennai MTC has this breed of buses called blue line or something like that. They charge like 15 Rs for a trip from T nagar to Tambaram (5A). And during night time they ensure only such routes are available. All other vellai board, manjaL board, veLLaiyila pacha ezhuthu board are off the road. And commuters dish out 15 Rs for the trip in a bus as crowded as a white board. And adding to the misery, some genius has decided these buses will have closing doors, which effectively rob hanging room for at least 15 people at each entrance. This way they can claim they never raised bus fares all the while increasing revenues. Who said bureaucrats are dumb?

Example 2:

There is this entity called windows vista. Its all shiny and paLa paLA but doesnt seem to have anything more than windows XP except the stupid Aero look. It hogs RAM like a hostel dude eating home food during semester holidays. I think Microsoft cut a deal with RAM manufacturers - they will ensure all PCs running windows would have a minimum of 2 Gig ram. I am in half mind to do a format and jump to ubuntu


posted by Bala, 9:36 PM


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