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Azhagarkoil to Pazhamudhircholai

November 09, 2007

(Scenes on the road from Azhagarkoil to Pazhamudhircholai. Photos by my friend V)

The entrance to Azhagarkovil. Garudan on the left and Hanuman on the Right

Simian Disagreement

Parts of azhagarkovil are in ruins

No pun intended..

Did you see the previous photo?

We lost a couple of corn ears to these highwaymen

Vaishnavite evangelism

Herbal tea for the trekker's soul

Who said having only one arm is a disadvantage


Reads like my 12th standard botany text book

Where Murugan messed with avvaiyar's head

Pazhamudhircholai at last...
posted by Bala, 10:40 PM


Thanks for Photos

and very nice Stills
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