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MA Engilipees

September 03, 2007

Here is what i am going to do next

Programme : MA English
Programme code: 013
Duration: Two year

First Year

English Literature from Chaucer to 1660
Restoration and Eighteenth Century English Literature
Romantic and Victorian Periods
New Literatures in English
American Literature

Second Year

Twentieth Century English Literature
The English Language and Linguistics
Principles of Literary Criticism
Feminist Writing

It was tough to choose between MA Tamil and English. After some head scratching i have decided to go with English Lit. My Tamil is in terrible shape (after 10 years of intermittent usage) and is not upto the standards of post graduate curriculum. Moreover only Periyar university offers MA Tamil to anyone with a bachelor's degree. All other Distance education programs insist on a bachelor's degree with Tamil as a subject. And they are not flexible with choice of examination centers. So i had to go with the safer option.

So, Tamilukku get out ...English ku cutout


posted by Bala, 8:13 PM


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