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how to dub it

July 17, 2007

The teenager in the immediate family has given a thumbs down to Harry Potter 5 saying it isn't worth spending Rs. 40 on, so i am going to wait for the thiruttu VCD. Anyway here in madurai we get to see only the tamil dubbed version - harry potterum phoenix kattalayum. Note the tamil title - they have translated order of the phoenix as "phoenix kattalai". Admittedly the translation/titling is not as bad as that of other movies like aandhai manidhan (chronicles of riddick);marma manidhan (V for Vendetta); eragonin mandhira padai (eragon); baadhala ulagam (blade trinity); garudan (stealth), karibean kallarai theevu (pirates of the Caribbean) etc etc.

This just indicates how bad the tamil dubbing/translation of english movies is becoming . The people doing the tamil translation/dubbing some times do a good job but most of the time they try and change the English dialogue to fit the Tamil audience and end up mangling the story beyond recognition. For instance in the Tamil version of casino royale, the words of an about-to-die vesper lynd are given the typical tamil heroine tint and the whole scene turns out like something from metti oli. The worst tamil dubbed serial/movie must be the comedy serial small wonder shown in Vijay TV . It used to be sort of cute ten years back with the little girl robot plotline, but then they started to air it with tamil dialogues and it now belongs to the "its so bad its good" category. But i have to admit, tamil retrofitting has its good moments - like Samo Hung fighting to the tune of paravai muniyamma's singam pola nadandhu vandhan endhan perandi.


posted by Bala, 10:03 PM


any idea where you can find vcd/dvd of the dubbed version of the samo hung movie?
commented by Anonymous nr, 9:42 AM  

I saw it in vijay tv's "athiradi thiruvizha" series. They air dubbed hollywood/kung fu/raymond chow movies on sunday. I have to search if someone with a TV Tuner card has ripped them and uploaded them. (someone has done it for lollu sabha episodes, so there is a slim chance "athiradi thiruvizha" mpgs exist in the web)
commented by Blogger Bala, 12:31 PM  

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