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Dell and customer service

July 14, 2007

In my previous post about how my dell inspiron 600m has broken down, A Dell Customer Advocate has left the following comment

My name is Brad and I work at Dell headquarters in Round Rock, TX. I came across your blog and saw that you described an issue with your Dell system. I am not sure if you have resolved the problem yet, but if you still need help please contact me back at the email address below with "Attn Brad" in the subject line.

Dell Customer Advocate

Bravo Dell!. First of all having a group of people trawling blogs looking for problems with Dell products itself is great. I just googled for "dell customer advocate" and found a lot of similar stories to mine - bloggers who blogged about problems with dell products have got completely unexpected and unsolicited help from Dell customer advocates. I am very much impressed with your customer reach out. Even if you are unable to help me out, this was a very pleasant surprise. My experience with DELL's service in America was great and this web reachout proves you guys do care about your customers.

My charger and battery are dead. My problem is i bought the my DELL laptop in America and i now live in India. I am unable to get original DELL replacement parts here in India. The dell.co.in website's "parts and upgrades" link doesn't work. To contact DELL i would have to call up their Bangalore line (which is toll free only through a BSNL landline) I have temporarily solved the charger problem by buying a "Made in China" adapter through eBay to replace my broken one. My Battery is still dead and i have to replace it sometime soon.

DELL's inconvenient direct selling policy in India might work in the metros but here in Madurai, people avoid DELL. There are dealers and service centers for all other brands - lenovo, toshiba, acer, compaq and HCL but not DELL. Anyone who want to buy a Dell product or service has to contact Bangalore. With Acer introducing a 21000 Rs laptop, the laptop market is set to takeoff here and DELL would miss the party. My laptop is getting old and worn down and i would be replacing it soon, but i don't think it would be a DELL i would be buying . It would be either a Acer or a presario. They have the price range and the local service.


posted by Bala, 4:18 PM


I am dr. joy philip from calicut. I am using dwell laptop for the last 4 years , purchased from canada.
When i saw the advertisement dell vostro , i thought i go for a new one. i tried to contact the dell people in bangalore thro their email address dell_enquiries@dell.com. no reply .do they have any service support or outlet anywhere in India?
commented by Blogger joychayan, 9:59 PM  
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