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Dell and customer service - part II

July 20, 2007

A week ago, i had posted about my DELL laptop crashing and a Dell customer advocate contacting me. Well over the past week, Brad Laurich (that's the customer advocate) and myself exchanged a couple of miles, in which i narrated my tale of woe about a broken battery. Brad promised to have the matter taken care of. And he has!!. 8 hours ago i received a mail from Dell's Bangalore operations asking for my mobile no. And the moment i replied, i had a real person talking to me about my requirements. I have provided him with my contact address and he has promised to send a quote for my spare parts!. Now this call came on friday evening after 6 PM. How is that for customer service!.

The internet is full of horror stories about Dell's customer service. But i have had a great experience with them. Exactly one week after blogging about my problems, they have taken the trouble to contact me and solve my problem (without me going through the proper channels). This, ladies and gentlemen, is customer service. I should know for i work in a small brokerage firm. Most of the time,the only thing that ensures customer retention is this sort of customer service - the personal touch, the willingness to go the extra mile to hear out the customer. Even if you aren't able to do what the customer wants, most of them are happy if they hear a human voice or see a human face treating them as important to their business. This is a lesson i have personally learned over the past two years.

A big thanks to all the customer service people at Dell. You guys ROCK.


posted by Bala, 6:14 PM


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