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Just Shoot Me

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A new series to read

June 21, 2007

After months of reeling through Colleen Mccullough's mammoth tomes on Rome (the awesomeness of masters of rome deserves a separate post, will come back to it later), i have now stumbled upon another great fantasy series The Malazan book of the fallen by stephen erikson. Quality wise, this series is comparable to George RR Martin's song of ice and fire and certainly way better than Robert Jordan's wheel of time. The scope of the Malazan universe is staggering (infact there is a lot of grumbling about its obscurity and complexity) and the pacing of the books is very good. It was a little bit difficult to get into the groove at first, but once i was in, i wasn't able to stop reading.

it would be a great read for anyone who likes to read fantasy.
posted by Bala, 8:43 PM


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