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The trouble with evangelicals

May 08, 2007

The trouble with evangelicals is their tendency to club anything other than jesus to satan.... One of the canadian jesus freaks who were camping in my apartment complex for the past two weeks has written the following about his visit to a hindu temple

..... We went on our one and only Hindu temple visit. We spent some time in prayer before hand and really tried to prepare the students for what they would be seeing as they entered this place of satanic worship...

I have always had this inkling that proselytizing religious types (regardless of their religion) have massive self doubt despite their fanaticism. Read what our dear canadian warrior for jesus writes about his terrible ordeal -

.....it seemed that God was leading me to the center of the pagan worship to meet the priest himself. Here was where the inner struggle began. That stone face is no match for Jesus Christ, what do I have to fear? It would be a great opportunity to show that a Christian can stand his ground right infront of this god. But would it look like I was paying my respects to this stone face? The moment seemed like an eternity, but it was only half a second. Everything inside of me screamed "go!" but part of me held fast, "I will be different. I will be different. I will not acknowledge that elephant. I will not even enter."...

Get it?. This faithful follower of the carpenter of nazareth is afraid of the competition. mortally afraid.!!!. In his mind, Jesus has to deliver a dozen drop kicks and a pile driver to the terrible elephant god (namma pillayar) before he can contemplate acknowledging the "stone face".

Dude, are you this insecure in your faith?. Tsk Tsk..i am terribly disappointed, when i heard a bible camp was being set up in my building, i thought i would get to see some real religious fanatics. I am terribly disappointed for you cant even go to a temple without jesus christ tagging along to protect you from the pagans.. tsk tsk.. What is the world coming to these days?

PS : The blogger is an atheist. He used to dislike all religions, but now has understood the power of faith and has a secret ambition to establish his own religion.


posted by Bala, 7:20 PM


"understood the power of faith" and "secret ambition to establish his own religion" ???? Dude what happened to you? Last time I talked to you, you WERE and atheist and sounded very normal!
commented by Blogger Shilpa, 8:26 PM  

what hapened to me? Just enlightenment. Religion is an awesome way to make money ;-) and gain power. Now if i were only a tad less lazy, i would set myself as a god man and rake in the money.
commented by Blogger Bala, 8:31 PM  
//He used to dislike all religions, but now has understood the power of faith and has a secret ambition to establish his own religion.//

I like this idea. Together, we can build an ashram. :-)

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