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Just Shoot Me

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Strange but true

May 16, 2007

I would have never thought something good can come out of magazines like Aval Vikatan and Kumudam snegidhi (except a steady dosage of regressive crap designed to maintain the bovinity of tamil women - which is good if you are a MCP like me). But today i see that Alexander Mccall Smith's No 1 Ladies detective agency is being serialized in Aval vikatan (Tamil translation). Mccall smith is one author who has been highly recommended to me by more than one person with good tastes in fiction. But I haven't gotten around to reading him yet (too many science fiction and historical fiction books in the to be read list before him).

I think the name of the translator is Susaritha something. Congrats to her anyway. Though aval vikatan peddles typical women tamil mag regressive shit, a translation like this a good thing. Though i wonder which bovine reader of aval vikatan reads this story.


posted by Bala, 10:16 PM


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