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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

Finally its over

May 28, 2007

The ordeal is finally over. Today was the same sob story on lack of time. I wrote so much about Leyte Gulf and Iwo Jima, that i didn't have enough time for the Boxer Rebellion. Surprisingly i was the only one out of the 20 odd people appearing for the exam in Madurai who had chosen History of China and Japan. The rest had picked "India since 1947". The five day marathon is finally over. The results should be out in August. I believe i will manage to pass all five papers.

Now that i have finally done it, the idea of a MA (history) after a BE (ECE) doesn't sound that crazy. Two years ago i acted on a long held fantasy and enrolled in the course. No one (including me) believed i would have the patience to stick through to the end. Well it is all over bar the degree ceremony now. Which brings me to the next the question - what to do next?. The initial idea i had was to do a PhD in military history. But with a day job in financial services, i wouldn't be able to be at the beck and call of any worthwhile guide. So a PhD is out of question for the time being. An MA in Tamil is another long drooled after desire, but I lack the qualifications for it - I don't have any Tamil credits in my Under graduation. My mother is egging me on to do a Masters in Economics. Personally i am veering toward a Masters in English Literature. But the first choice would be Tamil Literature. I hope i would be able to convince some distance education program dean to give me a seat in Tamil Literature course.


posted by Bala, 7:54 PM


Hi Bala,

Congratz! It is indeed an achievement. I am Sateesh and have been visiting your blog regularly (reached here by searching for "strangle range AND chennai" - I know, of all keywords!).

From your previous posts, I gather that you are an active trader. Just wanted to know your thoughts on what's the best portal for retail traders (in F&O segment). I think ICICIDirect is fleecing us and when required the most, is terribly slow. I have heard good things about IndiaBulls and Reliance Money. I don't have the luxury of investing in a terminal at this point. So, your thoughts are highly appreciated. If you prefer, you can mail me directly at sateesh.santhalingam@gmail.com.

Congratz again!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:04 PM  
Hi sateesh,


Regarding the terminals:

Reliance money is still having teething trouble. I hear it gets hung between 2.30-3.30 (when the day trader positions are getting squeared). I think it will get better with time - insiders in reliance money claim so.


From experience and hearsay from friends, i would rate the remaining platforms as follows in order of preference

1) Sharekhan
2) Kotak
3) India Bulls

Personally, I use Motilal Oswal's MyBroker without any major problems. It freezes one or two times a day and requires relogin, but the speed of order execution and tick changes is excellent and there is no charge. I use the browser based version which required JRE to run. It is very light and fast. But the margins are only 5x for feeless online account. They charge the exact span and additional margins levied by NSE (no discounts ;-)). The best feature is the speed and the ease of use. I would recommend this.
commented by Blogger Bala, 5:03 PM  
Hi Bala,

Thanks for the detailed feedback; I guess I will give Motilal Oswal a try. Also, when you say there is "no charge", how do you mean? Like Reliance, do they just charge a flat amount per transaction or ...?

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:16 PM  

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