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Just Shoot Me

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Day 3 of the ordeal

May 26, 2007

Today was easier than expected. I am getting better at spinning yarns and am consistently running out of time. Again today there were too many questions on the justice party. Considering the fact the justice party blokes were pretty much crown loyalists, their inclusion in the indian freedom movement is laughable. (Today's paper was "Indian Independence Strugggle 1857-1947).

Oddly there were no questions on the terrorist/revolutionary movements. The syllabus had given them a good weightage. And there was no questions on the Mutiny too. Like i said in the last post, the amount of subject is huge and obviously there are going to something missed.

Tomorrow's subject is "History of United States 1776-1945". I am not so sure about the Reconstruction-robber barons-teddy roosevelt-woodrow wilson-happy isolationism period. About the rest i could spin enough to fill the pages. Hopefully the civil war dominates the question paper and banking reforms stay away.


posted by Bala, 11:23 PM


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