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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

Job hopping

May 31, 2007

This week's Outlook magazine has an interesting article on job hoppers. It chronicles the varied job history four or five people and it is mighty tempting. If left to my day dreaming i might quite end up doing something like that!.


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May 30, 2007

I didn't notice this earlier. Thanga thalaivar, corporate raider singam, Annan Gordon Gekko avargal meendum thirai ulagirkku varugai tharugirar.

I guess by now he would be heading a private equity firm, that would make the likes of KKR and Blackstone look like uppuma pasanga. After all this is the man who said -

"We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price of a paper clip. We pick that rabbit out of a hat while everybody sits around wondering how the hell we did it. Now you’re not naïve enough to think that we’re living in a democracy, are you, Buddy? It’s the free market, and you’re part of it."


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சுபமுகூர்த்த தினமும் சாவுகிராக்கிகளும்

May 29, 2007

வைகாசி பொறந்தாச்சு, நாட்ல இருக்க எரும மாட்டுக்கெல்லாம் கல்யாணம் பண்ணும் நேரம் ஆரம்பிச்சாச்சு. பரதேசிங்க கல்யாணத்த எங்கணயாச்சு காட்டுக்குள்ள வச்சுக்கனும் இல்லன்னா அர்த்த ராத்திரீல வச்சுக்கணும். நல்லா பீக் அவர்ல பஸ்சுல கூட்டம் பிதுங்கற நேரத்துல வச்சு தொலச்சுறானுங்க. அதுவும் ஊர்ல இருக்க சோத்துக்கு செத்தவுனக்கெல்லாம் பத்திரிக்கை வேர கொடுத்த்ற்றானுங்க. வேல வெட்டியில்லாதுகளும் வெள்ள வேட்டி வெள்ள சட்டையோட (பொட்டச்சிகளா இருந்தா ராமராஜன் ஃபேஷன் சென்ஸ்க்கு பட்டு புடவ, கிலோ கணக்குல நகை, டன் கணக்குல பவுடர்) காலையில கரெக்டா கொட்டிகிட கிளம்பிருதுக. தினம் பஸ்ல ஆஃபிஸ், ஸ்கூல் போறவன் பாடு தான் திண்டாட்டம். கூட்டத்துல நிக்கவே இடமில்லாம் நாங்க அடஞ்சுகிட்டிருக்கோம், இதுல வேட்டிய மிதிக்காத, சட்ட கசங்குது சாயாதன்னு நாட்டாம வேற. ஏன்டா டேய் நீங்கெல்லாம் போய் மூஞ்சியக் காட்டலேன்னா கல்யாணம் நடக்காதா?. போய் என்ன இஸ்ரேல் பாலஸ்தீன் பிரச்சினைக்கு மீடியேட்டா பண்ணப்போறீங்க?. ஒரு ஓரமா நின்னுட்டு, கொட்டிகிட்டு வரப்போறீங்க, அதுக்கு எதுக்குடா காலங்ககாத்தால ரெகுலர் கம்மூயட்டர் உயிர வாங்குறீங்க?. பத்தாக்குரைக்கு எல்லா தொரயும் நூறு ரூவா நோட்ட நீட்டி மூனம்பது டிக்கட் கேக்க வேண்டியது. கண்டக்டர கடுப்பேத்தி வாக்குவாதம் பண்ண வேண்டியது. நிறுத்த கூடாத கல்யாண மண்டபத்துல் நிறுத்தச் சொல்லி தகராறு வேற. அய்யோ அய்யோ. அப்புறம் இது என்னங்க வேட்டி, புடவை? இதுகள மாறி உடுத்தறவனுக்கு உபத்திரவம் கொடுக்குற உடுப்பு வேற எதாச்சு இருக்கா?. உடைன்னா இடுப்புல நிக்கனும், குநிஞ்சு நிமிந்தா கழன்டு போகக் கூடாது. இதச் சொல்டா ஒடனே கலாச்சார காவலர் எரும கூட்டம் வந்து "டமில் கலாச்சாரம்" பத்தி பேச ஆரம்பிச்சுடும். பரதெசிங்க வூட்ல உக்காந்து பெர்முடாஸ் போட்டுகிட்டு கூசாம் டைப் அடிப்பானுங்க வேட்டி டமில் கலாச்சார உடைன்னு.

அய்யோ அடுத்த வாரம் ஸ்கூல் வேற ஆரம்பிச்சுரும்.. கூட்டம் எகிறும், கல்யாண வீட்டு சாவுகிராக்கிங்க தொந்தரவு தாங்க முடியாதே!!. யாராச்சு கொசு மருந்தடிச்சு கொல்லுங்கப்பா...


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Finally its over

May 28, 2007

The ordeal is finally over. Today was the same sob story on lack of time. I wrote so much about Leyte Gulf and Iwo Jima, that i didn't have enough time for the Boxer Rebellion. Surprisingly i was the only one out of the 20 odd people appearing for the exam in Madurai who had chosen History of China and Japan. The rest had picked "India since 1947". The five day marathon is finally over. The results should be out in August. I believe i will manage to pass all five papers.

Now that i have finally done it, the idea of a MA (history) after a BE (ECE) doesn't sound that crazy. Two years ago i acted on a long held fantasy and enrolled in the course. No one (including me) believed i would have the patience to stick through to the end. Well it is all over bar the degree ceremony now. Which brings me to the next the question - what to do next?. The initial idea i had was to do a PhD in military history. But with a day job in financial services, i wouldn't be able to be at the beck and call of any worthwhile guide. So a PhD is out of question for the time being. An MA in Tamil is another long drooled after desire, but I lack the qualifications for it - I don't have any Tamil credits in my Under graduation. My mother is egging me on to do a Masters in Economics. Personally i am veering toward a Masters in English Literature. But the first choice would be Tamil Literature. I hope i would be able to convince some distance education program dean to give me a seat in Tamil Literature course.


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Day 4 of the ordeal

May 27, 2007

It was a disastrous day. Got carried away with the civil war and couldnt write enough about Thomas Jefferson's presidency. Questions were a little bit off today - The new deal was in the short questions section and Thomas Jefferson was there amongst the essays. After four days of exams, my right arm now weighs a ton and i can't grip anything. I am typing this with my left hand now. There is one more to go. Tomorrow is the day of the elective - History of china and japan (1800-1975). This is a much easier paper since most of the subject is full of rebellions, invasions wars and treaties. The hand has to endure for another three hours.


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Day 3 of the ordeal

May 26, 2007

Today was easier than expected. I am getting better at spinning yarns and am consistently running out of time. Again today there were too many questions on the justice party. Considering the fact the justice party blokes were pretty much crown loyalists, their inclusion in the indian freedom movement is laughable. (Today's paper was "Indian Independence Strugggle 1857-1947).

Oddly there were no questions on the terrorist/revolutionary movements. The syllabus had given them a good weightage. And there was no questions on the Mutiny too. Like i said in the last post, the amount of subject is huge and obviously there are going to something missed.

Tomorrow's subject is "History of United States 1776-1945". I am not so sure about the Reconstruction-robber barons-teddy roosevelt-woodrow wilson-happy isolationism period. About the rest i could spin enough to fill the pages. Hopefully the civil war dominates the question paper and banking reforms stay away.


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Day 2 of the ordeal

May 25, 2007

Today's paper was "International Relations since 1945". It was a featherball. I ran out of time and couldn't properly extol the virtues of the United Nations. Today's favorite question was on the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962. Thanks to reading too many spy novels, i got carried away and included oleg penkovsky and kurushchev's ouster from power by the suslov syndicate in the answer.

Tomorrow comes the toughest of all papers - Indian Independence Struggle. The volume of the subject is huge. It starts with the Mutiny and ends at partition with countless councils, government of india acts and sessions of congress in between. But surprisingly what i read in Tamil non-details in high school is of enormous help today. The non-detail lessons of classes 8-10 (which despite their name were exhaustive in their detail) had more info in them then my prescribed texts. For instance, i remember more details on the JP Saunders assassination from my class 9 tamil non detail than what i find in my text book. The toughest part would be remember all the provisions of the various acts and the resolutions passed in the sessions of congress.Onward to morrow..


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Day 1 of the ordeal

May 24, 2007

How does one answer an essay question on Periyar EV Ramasamy?. If one breathes fiery anti-brahmin rhetoric and the paper goes to a brahmin evaluator one is done for. If one goes vazha vazha kozha kozha on the anti-brahmin parts of periyarian ideology and the paper goes to a proper DMK/DK type for evaluation one gets a raw deal again. indha jathi thondaravu thanga mudilada sami!! examlayum vandhu kazhuthu arukkudhu. To be on the safe side, i wrote inflammatory paragraphs on the anti hindi agitation and escaped.

Today's paper was titled "Intellectual History of Tamil Nadu". The reading materials supplied dwell heavily upon the justice party (aka South Indian Liberal Federation). 2 whole units out of the total 10 have been dedicated to the luminaries of the Justice party. I suspect this is because the founder of the university was himself a Justice party perum pulli.

Thankfully tomorrow's paper is on international relations. Since the previous three indian generations have been brought up on staple diet of communist propaganda, i can safely write hagiographies of chairman mao and fidel castro without the fear of riling any right wing evaluator.


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Stranger than Fiction

May 22, 2007

A neat little movie. I liked it. Worth seeing even if you don't like delightful Maggie Gyllenhall.


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a bleg

May 18, 2007

Dear Constant Reader,

I have a problem. Someone has a crush on me. Usually an asocial moron/jackass like me doesn't attract any favorable female attention (or any other human attention for that matter), but this girl seems to be desperate. She is going around telling people how much she would like to marry me. ( i am not making this up). I am currently ignoring her altogether hoping that she will get bored and the problem will go away. But there is a good chance some outraged male relative of hers decides to beat the shit out of me before that. I have absolutely no idea how to deal with this kind of situation. I discussed this with the only other person, i usually discuss things with and she just laughs at me (should have killed her when i was still in her uterus). So i am down to blegging relationship (avoiding) advice from my dear constant readers. Please help me. I really don't want to get beaten up.


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Strange but true

May 16, 2007

I would have never thought something good can come out of magazines like Aval Vikatan and Kumudam snegidhi (except a steady dosage of regressive crap designed to maintain the bovinity of tamil women - which is good if you are a MCP like me). But today i see that Alexander Mccall Smith's No 1 Ladies detective agency is being serialized in Aval vikatan (Tamil translation). Mccall smith is one author who has been highly recommended to me by more than one person with good tastes in fiction. But I haven't gotten around to reading him yet (too many science fiction and historical fiction books in the to be read list before him).

I think the name of the translator is Susaritha something. Congrats to her anyway. Though aval vikatan peddles typical women tamil mag regressive shit, a translation like this a good thing. Though i wonder which bovine reader of aval vikatan reads this story.


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DJIA on steroids

May 15, 2007

One word - phenomenal. I can't describe the performance of Dow Jones any other way. For the past two months, bull domination of US bourses is so total that i pity the bears who are shorting the Dow (and greatly admire their courage for their conviction). I read somewhere, that bull markets end only when there are no bears left standing. If Dow jones keeps up this performance for a couple of more days, i am sure that no bears would be left standing!.


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May is the cruelest month

May 10, 2007

It exam time again for me and life is getting difficult. The worst paper to read this year is titled "International relations since 1945". It is set in standard commie-socialist boilerplate - i.e Blame everything that went wrong before 1945 on colonialism and everything that went wrong after 1945 on American imperialist interventions. And it has a whole sub chapter devoted to singing paeans to Mao and the cultural revolution. Sigh.. it is going to be a long month.

(I havent touched the paper titled "Intellectual history of Tamil Nadu" yet . Shudder shudder)
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The trouble with evangelicals

May 08, 2007

The trouble with evangelicals is their tendency to club anything other than jesus to satan.... One of the canadian jesus freaks who were camping in my apartment complex for the past two weeks has written the following about his visit to a hindu temple

..... We went on our one and only Hindu temple visit. We spent some time in prayer before hand and really tried to prepare the students for what they would be seeing as they entered this place of satanic worship...

I have always had this inkling that proselytizing religious types (regardless of their religion) have massive self doubt despite their fanaticism. Read what our dear canadian warrior for jesus writes about his terrible ordeal -

.....it seemed that God was leading me to the center of the pagan worship to meet the priest himself. Here was where the inner struggle began. That stone face is no match for Jesus Christ, what do I have to fear? It would be a great opportunity to show that a Christian can stand his ground right infront of this god. But would it look like I was paying my respects to this stone face? The moment seemed like an eternity, but it was only half a second. Everything inside of me screamed "go!" but part of me held fast, "I will be different. I will be different. I will not acknowledge that elephant. I will not even enter."...

Get it?. This faithful follower of the carpenter of nazareth is afraid of the competition. mortally afraid.!!!. In his mind, Jesus has to deliver a dozen drop kicks and a pile driver to the terrible elephant god (namma pillayar) before he can contemplate acknowledging the "stone face".

Dude, are you this insecure in your faith?. Tsk Tsk..i am terribly disappointed, when i heard a bible camp was being set up in my building, i thought i would get to see some real religious fanatics. I am terribly disappointed for you cant even go to a temple without jesus christ tagging along to protect you from the pagans.. tsk tsk.. What is the world coming to these days?

PS : The blogger is an atheist. He used to dislike all religions, but now has understood the power of faith and has a secret ambition to establish his own religion.


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48 hours of heaven

May 02, 2007

The past two days have been pure bliss. It is not often NSE has two continuous holidays (we have a paltry 12 non working days a year) and i have made the most of it. Watched Season 1 of prison break (all 22 episodes) with only breaks to eat and sleep. It was a 48 hours well spent.!


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