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Just Shoot Me

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paperback mountain

April 02, 2007

Dear constant reader,
If you remember sometime back, i won a good deal of gift coupons from Indiaplaza aka Fabmall. I managed to use almost all the coupons and bought bucket loads of paperbacks. Most of the books went to beef up the fledgling book collection of my remarkable young cousin and quite a few went to the first library i borrowed books from. The remaining 30 odd have been added to my already considerable "to be read" pile. Here are the books bought using the Indiaplaza largess.

The books which went to my cousin's collection
Night without end
South by java head
Bear island
Puppet on a chain
Last frontier
Swami and friends
the bachelor of arts
vendor of sweets
the world of nagaraj
mr sampath
the financial expert
a tiger for malgudi
the guide
The Shining
Fear is the key
The guns of navarone
The rule of four
HMS Ulysses
Eats shoots and leaves
Eaters of the dead
The shining
The rainmaker
The adventures of huckleberry finn
Pet sematary
The bourne identity
kane and abel
A matter of honor
The prodigal daughter
The Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy
The Eyre affair
Something rotten
Well of lost plots
Lost in a good book
still life with crows
O jerusalem
Three musketeers
The prince and the pauper
The count of monte christo
The Devil's alternative

Added to my pile
All about hedge funds
Candlestick charting
Wisdom of crowds
The Sunbird
catcher in the rye
First man in rome
Fortune's favorites
Caesar's women
The Grass crown
The Dante Club
Is paris burning
A storm of swords
eyes of the dragon
Claudius the god
Martin pring on market momentum
Virtues of war
Last of the amazons
A clash of kings
I Claudius
The Twentieth wife
Everybody loves a good drought
Liar's poker
Presumed innocent
Madras rediscovered
Gai jin
A game of thrones
A feast for crows
Island of blood

Books given away to my first library
pretty much everything kizhakku padhippagam has published in the last couple of years

Now i went a second round with the whole low price challenge thing and earned a great deal of more coupons (wont say for how much, but its more the first time ;-)). This time though they have made the coupons combinable with other coupons and am planning to buy and sell a few mobile phones using them.


posted by Bala, 11:12 PM


Liar's Poker is the best book on trading I have read :-)
commented by Blogger Chenthil, 9:16 AM  

it is great!. I read another book called "when genius failed" on the LTCM disaster and was interested in merriweather and co. This book rocks
commented by Blogger Bala, 12:05 AM  
The price challenge works well in respect of low to medium (upto ~ Rs. 500) price difference where the commitments are honoured as outlined in the scheme and usually in time. On higher values, there seems to be no response (hoping perhaps that you will forget about it) which is disappointing!!

I have several entries pending (regretfully, have exhausted further possibilities)!! Let's see what happens to those!

Incidentally, "When Genius Failed" was added to my considerable book collection (courtesy Indiaplaza) which already had "Liar's Poker". Both are great as also is "Fooled by Randomness" (the last delivery!).
commented by Anonymous MR, 10:15 PM  

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