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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

Bala in Jesusland

April 23, 2007

Dear Lord of the Dark,

Why me? I have been a faithful acolyte for over a decade now. I have denied your opponent and been a faithful foot soldier on your side. I have held on to my faith - even prospered - all the while living amidst an ocean of irritating God followers. I even have a crayon scribbled inscription announcing "abandon hope, all ye who enter here" outside my apartment.

For fifteen months i have had the run of my apartment building. With only two of the eight apartments occupied, i have lived a content lonely life, quietly denying your opponent and dreaming of the glories of your brother in arms - mammon. And what do i find today - My apartment complex has been turned into jesusland. Not one, not two but three of the apartments have been taken over by Legions of that meddlesome dead carpenter. I am seeing hordes of caucasians with unknown eastern european accents (or midwest accents, you should forgive me for not getting it right. Ever since i quit being a call center operator and become a legionnaire of Mammon - praise be to him - i have lost the ability to place accents), infesting the building and posters praising the troublemaker of Nazareth have come up in the corridors. The horror! The horror!. The hordes apparently belong to this group. But my lord, my faith remains strong, for when dawn comes, i will venture bravely into the hostile terrain that surrounds me and gather intel.

your humble servant,

PS : I hear guitar strumming and gospel music now... The horror! The horror!

update: This bunch of evangelicals seem to belong to this group and not as originally mentioned.


posted by Bala, 9:38 PM


i am imagining what would happen if you decided to blast Kuthu Songs i mean really blast them so it drowns out the gospel music.

PS: kuthu songs like Soda bottle kaiyelae,

or sight adipom etc
commented by Anonymous vatsan, 4:02 PM  

no kuthu songs for me.. but since my floor was empty except for me for the past one and half years, i have grown accustomed to watching TV with a blaring volume. so rather than kuthu i would be broadcasting CNBC, HBO and sun music to jesusland
commented by Blogger Bala, 6:17 PM  

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