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Just Shoot Me

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April 04, 2007

No self respecting millitary history buff sits through a battle where the spartan hoplite shield wall dissolves into a gaggle of Raymond chow movie extras doing flying leaps . I did and it hurts.

BTW, they are remaking "Escape from Newyork" with Gerard Butler as Snake Plisskin. Gerard Butler!!. What is the world coming to?


posted by Bala, 9:44 PM


It's a movie based on a graphic novel (comic book) inspired by another movie based on another tale written no sooner than forty years after the original battle happened....

exactly how much did you expect it to be 'accurate?'
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:51 AM  

i know. i know. irundhalum leonidas a jet li akkitangalae pa.. manasu kekkala...;-)
commented by Blogger Bala, 8:31 AM  

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