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TCS Lawsuit Update

March 18, 2007

(Thanks to the anonymous commenter in the last post)

I had written about the TCS Class action Lawsuit last year. There is news from the case.

TCS ' motion to have the case arbitrated in India by a arbiter of their choosing has been thrown out by a Federal court judge


posted by Bala, 12:28 PM


Yes TCS wanted to exploit the legal loop holes in India, which they have been relinguising for years. It is good that the Federal judge ruled out this! Offcourse TCS knows how to get around US Legal systems too. For Example the L1B applicantion filed by TCS stated that the Employee is specialized on TCS internal tools and will be working on the same at 'client Site'. 99% of the employee on L1B will never get a chance to work in any of the TCS internal tools at client site.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:08 PM  
Very Much true. There is excessive abuse abuse of H1, L1 and B1 Visas by this company.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:53 AM  
YAY !!
The stupid contracts they made their employee sign before leaving India would only be honored in Indian courts (though I have my doubts about that too).
I am so glad that their request to take the case to India was refused..
TCS is nothing but a bunch of idiots managing a big number of talented professionals, in a very unprofessional way...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:22 PM  
Yes...very true, TCS claims that the people they bring are specialized in TCS internal tools but this is a big lie. Most likely that the TCS employee had never been trained on the tool and even more likely that the TCS tool is never used at the client site in US. In this way TCS can avoid recruiting local US employees and bring people from India saying that they have been trained on TCS internal tools. The advantage of having Indian employees is that they can be bullied to work on low salary and made to work over the weekend and late hours without properly being compensated. TCS is the biggest abuser of US L1 visa's....see from the number they apply each year. They prefer to bring employees on L1 instead of H1 because it is easier to apply and obtain a L1 visa instead of H1. The other big advantage of L1 visa is that the employee on L1 visa cannot switch companies like H1, this is like retaining an employee through indirect bond. How do I know all this because I work for TCS.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:21 PM  
This case is now in a very important stage, having won every motion thus far, and currently needs the help of current and former TCSers. If you were deputed to the US by TCS, please call the law firm that brought forth this suit on behalf of the employees (at 1-800-971-8881) and listen to the recorded message about the claims regarding many of TCS's employee practices. If you want more information about your rights and entitlements, please leave a telephone number at the tone, and someone will call you back and give you the latest updates and answer any questions you might have. All calls are confidential. This top US firm represents the employees, so now is your time to be heard.
commented by Blogger Mizell, 2:05 AM  

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