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Just Shoot Me

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I pity the fool

February 24, 2007

You have a single simple story. It is about a boxing match, where you get beaten up for 12 rounds, you give some back and leave the ring with both arms held up. (the result doesn't matter, you always leaves with arms held up). The boxing match is like sex, and you need some foreplay to spice things up. So you add some training scenes,some taunts from the opponent and some scenes of you running up and down the steps of Philadelphia museum of art. Okay thats the story. You make six movies out of the same story over 30 years, a lot of fools watch them making you a rich man and a Hollywood star in the process. You even pick up an Oscar consigning Martin Scorsese to a life of Oscar rejects. And thirty years later, the fool referred to in the title of this post is still blogging about you!!. You are a lucky man Sylvester Stallone and you have no idea how much i envy you.

PS : On the brighter side two good things did come out of the entire rocky circus - 1) Mr T 2) Ivan Drago


posted by Bala, 10:05 PM


If you really think that "rocky series" is all about hero beating up the bad guy in style, then you surely were unable to understood the "simple story" of the movies.
commented by Anonymous Lazy Bytes, 4:14 PM  

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