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Just Shoot Me

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Arukkani Maintenance!

February 05, 2007

whilst discussing the importance of financial planning with two of my friends (both work in america), one of them dropped the following piece of wisdom about maintaining indian imported wifes (called arukkani after suhasini's character in goburangal saivadhillai)... ROTFL

Here we go:
".....arukkani maintenence is one of the greatest challenges a desi guy is facing in usa.he has to come home for lunch daily or atleast call her in lunch hour, go back to house in the evening and eat the bad food she cooked and lie to her face "ur an amazing cook".....then stop watching english movies and go back to ajith and simbu standards; take her to indian buffet (the worst torture of all) every saturday and then shopping in mall (another place that needs to be bombed) and eat in that crappy food court in shopping mall.....since she cooks daily, ur banana republic leather jacket is gonna smell of sambar podi or garam masala.....u have to stand her singing antakshari with other imported arukkanis in "desi function".......then u ahve to develop "friendship" with "desi couples" of ur age and have weekend get togethers with them and have to stand another amateur cooks food.....if i place order for the next alan moore graphic novel for $20, she'd say "panatha sethi vaippom, only then we can build a big house for our kids. so read it when it comes to library" (the house wud be among desi uncles......)....and 10 years from now, after the "big house" is built, she'd have officially become "americanized desi aunty" and wud b watching superbowl and say "Go Packers" with other desi aunties and americanized uncles while i'll be banging my head in the wall and think "shit. i shd have fucked ***** (Random ex GF name) when i had the chance...."


posted by Bala, 10:38 PM


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commented by Blogger Vinod Parameswaran, 5:59 PM  
Dont you think its the fate of every married guy (ofcourse subject to modifications)???
commented by Blogger Vinod Parameswaran, 6:00 PM  

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