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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

Which way to Saville Row?

February 28, 2007

There is a wedding on Mar 7 i have to attend and i don't have a decent attire to wear to it. I have long given away my formal shirts and pants and have homogenized my wardrobe a la ian malcolm. There are only three color schemes in my clothes - white, blue & black and most of them are faded/torn as a direct result of being subject to my tender mercies for the past two years.

Since i am going instead of my mom and have explicit instructions from her not to "manatha vangify" by looking like a vagrant, i have to get sort of decent clothes or have to snuck in late and escape early before anyone mistakes me for a sothukku setha wedding crasher. What shall i do?


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Our day will come

February 27, 2007

The Bear God's vengeful glare fell on the Chinese today and the Shangai composite got hammered about 9%. For all the indian bulls, this is a warning for the day of reckoning is coming. Personally, i don't think the fall is going to be as brutal as the one in May 2006, but it will be quite prolonged and broadbased. For two years now, everyone and his grand mother has been making money by buying stocks and the law of gravity is bound to catch up.


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Pan's Labyrinth

February 26, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth is by far the coolest movie i have seen in a year. Even cooler than serenity (thats hard coming from a scifi and joss whedon afficianado)or The inside man or Children of men or Dead man's chest. It accomplishes what Brothers Grimm tried and failed to do - tell a fairy tale to adults. It is easy to mistake this film as a kiddie film - maybe it is, but there are loads of graphic violence (it was as if guillermo del toro was channeling Tarantino in some of the gory scenes)and is sure to make some kids run out screaming.

My friend (and guide when it comes to movies) quipped that Del Toro has an imagination as quirky as Tim Burton's. Thinking of it, del toro does appear to be a worthy successor to Burton. Pan's Labyrinth (Laberinto del Fauno, El) is a spanish language film (i watched the version with english subtitles) with excellent visual imagery and great story telling. The main plot is a simple accomplish-the-tasks-and-get-the-reward story arc with subtle sub plots set in (Spanish civil war, evil stepfather etc etc). The guy who plays Captain Vidal steals the show with his menacing presence (wikipedia says he is knowwn in spain for his comedy!) and Ivano Baquero (as Ofelia) literally steals the show with her understated performance. This girl will go far.

If you like offbeat quirky movies, then Pan's Labyrinth is the one for you to see. Trust me you wont be disappointed.


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I pity the fool

February 24, 2007

You have a single simple story. It is about a boxing match, where you get beaten up for 12 rounds, you give some back and leave the ring with both arms held up. (the result doesn't matter, you always leaves with arms held up). The boxing match is like sex, and you need some foreplay to spice things up. So you add some training scenes,some taunts from the opponent and some scenes of you running up and down the steps of Philadelphia museum of art. Okay thats the story. You make six movies out of the same story over 30 years, a lot of fools watch them making you a rich man and a Hollywood star in the process. You even pick up an Oscar consigning Martin Scorsese to a life of Oscar rejects. And thirty years later, the fool referred to in the title of this post is still blogging about you!!. You are a lucky man Sylvester Stallone and you have no idea how much i envy you.

PS : On the brighter side two good things did come out of the entire rocky circus - 1) Mr T 2) Ivan Drago


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The Bear God's Wrath part deux

February 23, 2007

The day after Nifty registers the first month-on-month downclosing after seven long months, The awesome bear god rose with a vengeance. He smote a lot of bulls and served some fresh tasty kaaLai biriyaNi for his humble followers today. May this be the sign of things to come.

Cost of buying 1 lot Nifty 4000 put option - 10000 Rs
Cost of Carry for 1 lot Nifty short position - 42000 Rs
Satisfaction of seeing Mithali Mukherjee act like a george romero movie extra - priceless


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A Botanical Mystery

February 16, 2007

Back in the Herbarium days of 12th standard botany, i acquired the above exotic plant, which i thought to be the Bird of Paradise Plant (sterlitzia reginae ).

This particular plant takes atleast 3 or 5 years to bloom and the one in my house has taken 9 years to flower and you see the result above. But when i search for Bird of paradise plant in google, the result shows the actual bird of paradise has blue and gold petals, whereas mine has red and gold petals.

The leaves and stems do look alike, but the color alone is different - Now if mine is not sterlitzia reginae, what plant is it?


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The Bear God's Wrath

February 12, 2007

Bulls in Indian Stock Market got slaughtered today (nse down 3 % and bse down 2.5%) and it was kaaLai BiriyaNi all over the place. This is how incurring the bear god's wrath feels like. The bull operator crew over at CNBC TV18 has been priming the market for such a "pump and dump" operation for the past couple of weeks, by tom tomming B grade stocks and a lot of illichavay retail players got hooked. Today was the day of the reckoning and the blood letting was painful to watch.

BTW, if you are one of those idiots who take investment decisions by listening to udayan mukherjee and gang - you got what you deserved suckers....


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human stupidity is infinite

February 07, 2007

Wasnt it einstein who said something about human stupidity being infinite?. Well, i have been having arguments about the viability of buying gold jewels as an investment and have realised when it comes to destroying investment value you cant beat indian females (and a lot of males). Think about it -

a) jewellers regularly eat 20% of the "gold" they make - despite all the jazz about quality marks and stuff
b) resale value is bad. you cant sell the jewel back easily to anyone other than the original jeweller. and the other jewellers pay anything between 40 - 80 % of the actual gold price depending upon your gullibility.
c) the concept of "seikooli" (labor costs) and "sedharam" (wastage)
d) damage to the jewel due to wear and tear.
e)the tendency to make and remake the jewels multiple times over the course of years - each time the jewel gets redone, it loses a chunk of its value and actually ends up makeing one pay from the packet.

note: investment in plain gold (as opposed to in gold jewels)is about the best investment option in the world (we all love the yellow metal), but what i cant understand it is why cant they wear stuff like gold covering stuff and keep the gold as bars or coins, where they can actually see some value appreciation instead of destroying value?

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Arukkani Maintenance!

February 05, 2007

whilst discussing the importance of financial planning with two of my friends (both work in america), one of them dropped the following piece of wisdom about maintaining indian imported wifes (called arukkani after suhasini's character in goburangal saivadhillai)... ROTFL

Here we go:
".....arukkani maintenence is one of the greatest challenges a desi guy is facing in usa.he has to come home for lunch daily or atleast call her in lunch hour, go back to house in the evening and eat the bad food she cooked and lie to her face "ur an amazing cook".....then stop watching english movies and go back to ajith and simbu standards; take her to indian buffet (the worst torture of all) every saturday and then shopping in mall (another place that needs to be bombed) and eat in that crappy food court in shopping mall.....since she cooks daily, ur banana republic leather jacket is gonna smell of sambar podi or garam masala.....u have to stand her singing antakshari with other imported arukkanis in "desi function".......then u ahve to develop "friendship" with "desi couples" of ur age and have weekend get togethers with them and have to stand another amateur cooks food.....if i place order for the next alan moore graphic novel for $20, she'd say "panatha sethi vaippom, only then we can build a big house for our kids. so read it when it comes to library" (the house wud be among desi uncles......)....and 10 years from now, after the "big house" is built, she'd have officially become "americanized desi aunty" and wud b watching superbowl and say "Go Packers" with other desi aunties and americanized uncles while i'll be banging my head in the wall and think "shit. i shd have fucked ***** (Random ex GF name) when i had the chance...."


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