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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

I pity the fools...

November 21, 2006

Richard Dawkins writes for people like me

1. I'm an atheist, but religion is here to stay. You think you can get rid of religion? Good luck to you! You want to get rid of religion? What planet are you living on? Religion is a fixture. Get over it!

I could bear any of these downers, if they were uttered in something approaching a tone of regret or concern. On the contrary. The tone of voice is almost always gleeful, and accompanied by a self-satisfied smirk. Anybody who opens with "I'm an atheist, BUT . . ." can be more or less guaranteed to be one of those religious fellow-travellers who, in Dan Dennett's wickedly perceptive phrase, believes in belief. They may not be religious themselves, but they love the idea that other people are religious. This brings me to my second category of naysayers.

Of the five brands of atheists he mentions in the article, i come close to being in the above said bracket. But there is a small difference - i believe religious belief in others is a handicap and gives me an advantage over my competitors. I used to be a proseltysing atheist in my early years of atheism, but now my attitude toward believers has changed to one summarized by the Mr. T quote - I pity the fool

Milton Friedman is dead. The guy who introduced the ideas of milton friedman to me, once remarked that chicago boys had more in common with deng xiaoping than with friedman. when i scratched my head in confusion, he gave a proverbial wink and asked one question - why didnt they privatize the copper mines? . Black cat, white cat...or a mouse trap.. whatever works right?
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