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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

Free Lunch?

November 29, 2006

There is an excellent arbitrage oppurtunity currently available in Matrix Labs trading in NSE. The following needs to be done

1) Buy 1 lot December Matrix Lab futures @ 252 Rs
2) Buy 1 lot December Matrix lab put option with strike price 250 @ 11 Rs
3) Sell 1 lot December Matrix lab call option with strike price 250 @ 26 Rs.

When the december settlement is done, the profit guaranteed is 15*1250 = 18750 Rs (minus the brokerage). This oppurunity has risen because of the huge difference between december futures and cash price (which trades at 276 Rs). This difference is due to the end of the open offer period on Dec 11. (Mylan labs is tendering the open offer for Matrix).

The catch : If the person buying the call option you sell, choses to exercise his option then your sell position on the call will get squared. You will have to sell the call again the following day.
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I pity the fools...

November 21, 2006

Richard Dawkins writes for people like me

1. I'm an atheist, but religion is here to stay. You think you can get rid of religion? Good luck to you! You want to get rid of religion? What planet are you living on? Religion is a fixture. Get over it!

I could bear any of these downers, if they were uttered in something approaching a tone of regret or concern. On the contrary. The tone of voice is almost always gleeful, and accompanied by a self-satisfied smirk. Anybody who opens with "I'm an atheist, BUT . . ." can be more or less guaranteed to be one of those religious fellow-travellers who, in Dan Dennett's wickedly perceptive phrase, believes in belief. They may not be religious themselves, but they love the idea that other people are religious. This brings me to my second category of naysayers.

Of the five brands of atheists he mentions in the article, i come close to being in the above said bracket. But there is a small difference - i believe religious belief in others is a handicap and gives me an advantage over my competitors. I used to be a proseltysing atheist in my early years of atheism, but now my attitude toward believers has changed to one summarized by the Mr. T quote - I pity the fool

Milton Friedman is dead. The guy who introduced the ideas of milton friedman to me, once remarked that chicago boys had more in common with deng xiaoping than with friedman. when i scratched my head in confusion, he gave a proverbial wink and asked one question - why didnt they privatize the copper mines? . Black cat, white cat...or a mouse trap.. whatever works right?
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November 17, 2006

The scare is over...I dont have chickungunya.. it turns out to be a rather mundane variety of viral fever... phew...
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Or Not

November 15, 2006

Maybe i dont have chickungunya or maybe its all those paraceptomols i have been eating like candy for the past 48 hours. The pain in the joints has largely disappeared and body temperature is back to normal.

No one is sure about this disease, the doc pumped me full of paraceptomol and amoxillin and told me to come back in a couple of days. I seem to be doing okay now, but there is still some ghosts of the pain the joints that threatens to spoil the party....
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we hatesss chickungunya

November 13, 2006

we hassss chickungunya... we hatessss it... we hatessss it...
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Paranoia rising

November 09, 2006

Like i was saying some days back, there is definitely something nasty brewing in the Indian stock market. For two days, volumes are up dramatically without any major changes in indices. May be its just my paranoia or it might be the miserably damp rainy season... or may be not..

Whatever little skill i had in spoken english is gone now. Yesterday a tourist asked me for directions in english and i couldnt answer coherently - just stood there staring stupidly. Memo to self : more petering required


There is a new baby in the immediate family. I had to try mighty hard to persuade the father not to name his child after the same guy whom they named me after. There are atleast six or seven losers in the extended family with my name and every one of them is upto no good. (including me). May be its pure coincidence or may be its just the paranoia.
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If only

November 02, 2006

There is a old Kaundamani dialogue from the film nadigan - "kepmari, mullamari, mudicherukki ivangalayellam naan thani thaniyaathan pathirukken, ippothanda ore aaLa pakkuren".. This dialogue was written for this guy. It takes a marketing genius to make a bestseller (and a movie) out of a fourth rate "star wars set in lord of the rings world" book. If only..i had a tenth of his talent, i would set up my own religion and convince people that i am a God. Hmmm.. ellam neram
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Books for November

November 01, 2006

1)Cold Fire Trilogy - Celia Friedman
2)Masters of Rome 2 & 3 - Colleen Mccullough
3)George Soros - The Biography
4)The company - Robert Littell
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Apcalypse Now?

(Warning : a slightly incomprehensible post. dont bother reading it)

I had vowed not to blog till 2007, but the need to rant on the 13000-sensex is overpowering. Frigging people are now discounting FY08 earnings to justify stock market levels. Us, Bears who have been mauled (sliced, diced and deep fried) for the past four months are now wringing our claws (paws?) in desperation. The market for the past couple of months has become utterly predictable - climb 5% pull back 2% repeat cycle. One observes whenever such patterns become so obvious, something huge is in the waiting . The May crash followed such an obvious pattern (where the market rose by 0.5-.75% daily for 9 continuous trading sessions before crashing 20%) and i read similar ominous signs in the market. There is another curious tidbit - Nifty December series 3500,3600,3700 puts are seeing heavy trading volumes. Someone is obviously hedging heavily against the coming storm. Time to batten the hatches?
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