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Just Shoot Me

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Worshipping Varicella Zoster

July 03, 2006

Last week one of our employees became sick with Chicken Pox. I was startled to learn that he is being pressurized by his family not to take any medical treatment. Apparently Amman will get angry if people with Chicken Pox got pumped with drugs. This piece of news came us a mild shock. I have gotten chicken pox atleast three times during my child hood and no one ever said anything like this. Apparently this way of quarantining is still prevalent here in the Tamil hinterland.

This is one of the absurdities of polytheism - godhead gets conferred on anything and everything. People do worship viri. To paraphrase vivek ammana kirumi range ku akkiteenglaeda dei


PS: From what i remember from my biology lessons, there is no seperate anti viral drug for Varicella Zoster, but the duration of the disease can be reduced by immunity boosting anti viral shots.
posted by Bala, 5:05 PM


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