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July 08, 2006

It is shocking that candidates belonging to reserved categories are interviewed separately. They sit for the written examinations alongside non-reserved category candidates, but when the time of interview comes, they are segregated. The interview board is well aware of their social background and discriminates against them while giving them interview marks. An analysis of the results reveals a big gap between the average interview marks given to reserved category candidates and non-reserved category candidates. One successful candidate of the 1996 civil service examinations, who was denied a job, has calculated these averages on the basis of information available with him. Since he fought for his job in the Supreme Court and won, the data he offers can be relied upon in the absence of authoritative data provided by the UPSC. According to this candidate, the average interview mark in the non-reserved category is around 200, while the average for reserved categories candidates is 140. I believe that if there were no caste discrimination, the number of successful OBC candidates in the general merit category would have been much higher than 40. Unfortunately, even these 40 candidates were not declared successful in the general merit category

Sharad Yadav makes this claim in yesterday's The Hindu. I have heard this before from some IAS aspirants that this sort of thing goes on and they are advised to act "upper caste" (whatever thats supposed to mean) in the interview process. I have usually dismissed this to be a case of sour grapes thing. I am trying to find out the exact details of the case here. Will post the details when (if) i find them.
posted by Bala, 1:18 PM


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