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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...


July 27, 2006

Kuchi was my roomie in college for a couple of years. We have been fellow travellers in a lot of things .We had our common interests in reading history, sandilyan novels, chat rooms, Caeser III, Age of Empires, Half Life, web design, quizzing and getting grades without studying. Whatever little i learnt of coding and computers in college, i learnt from him. We drifted apart, hung with different crowds and finally ended up in the opposite sides in the union elections during the final year. We stopped speaking to each other for a couple of years. Its blogging that made him mail me again. He was a frequent commenter here at my blog till his death in a bike accident in bangalore. I couldnt bring myself to write anything then and as the constant reader knows, i havent anything about it.

Its been almost a year since Kuchi went for a fatal bike ride in Bangalore. Now his mother has started posting in his blog.
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July 26, 2006

Dear constant reader,

I am sick from food poisoning. Cant' keep the food in - what doesnt come out of the front comes out of the back. So give me a few days of glucon-d diet to blog again
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Death of the namesake

July 22, 2006

The guy they named me after died last week. I thought of writing a soft obituary here until his widow informs me that he mentioned me as his enemy no 1 a couple of weeks before he died. Hence the shortness of this post.

PS : I outght to be somewhat grateful to him for i first became interested in millitary history after listening to his tales of cowering in jungle trenches in the Burmese theatre of the Second World War.
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blogspot blocked

July 17, 2006

yup.. Airtel ISP blocks blogspot... idiots...
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July 08, 2006

It is shocking that candidates belonging to reserved categories are interviewed separately. They sit for the written examinations alongside non-reserved category candidates, but when the time of interview comes, they are segregated. The interview board is well aware of their social background and discriminates against them while giving them interview marks. An analysis of the results reveals a big gap between the average interview marks given to reserved category candidates and non-reserved category candidates. One successful candidate of the 1996 civil service examinations, who was denied a job, has calculated these averages on the basis of information available with him. Since he fought for his job in the Supreme Court and won, the data he offers can be relied upon in the absence of authoritative data provided by the UPSC. According to this candidate, the average interview mark in the non-reserved category is around 200, while the average for reserved categories candidates is 140. I believe that if there were no caste discrimination, the number of successful OBC candidates in the general merit category would have been much higher than 40. Unfortunately, even these 40 candidates were not declared successful in the general merit category

Sharad Yadav makes this claim in yesterday's The Hindu. I have heard this before from some IAS aspirants that this sort of thing goes on and they are advised to act "upper caste" (whatever thats supposed to mean) in the interview process. I have usually dismissed this to be a case of sour grapes thing. I am trying to find out the exact details of the case here. Will post the details when (if) i find them.
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For want of a charger

July 05, 2006

I have to get a new laptop. Nothing wrong with the current one, but the Adapter/charger has went bust and DELL doesnt stock that model anymore. I spent a small fortune getting one out of a surplus store in eBay and it has gone bust too in a week. So for want of a charger i might end up getting a new laptop...
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Worshipping Varicella Zoster

July 03, 2006

Last week one of our employees became sick with Chicken Pox. I was startled to learn that he is being pressurized by his family not to take any medical treatment. Apparently Amman will get angry if people with Chicken Pox got pumped with drugs. This piece of news came us a mild shock. I have gotten chicken pox atleast three times during my child hood and no one ever said anything like this. Apparently this way of quarantining is still prevalent here in the Tamil hinterland.

This is one of the absurdities of polytheism - godhead gets conferred on anything and everything. People do worship viri. To paraphrase vivek ammana kirumi range ku akkiteenglaeda dei


PS: From what i remember from my biology lessons, there is no seperate anti viral drug for Varicella Zoster, but the duration of the disease can be reduced by immunity boosting anti viral shots.
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