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Shogun - James Clavell

June 13, 2006

I just finished reading Shogun by James Clavell. I started it reading first some four years back and dropped it halfway through as i couldnt really take the verbosity of clavell. I picked it up again last week as the elective i have chosen for my second year course is "history of Japan and china(1800-1975)". I needed some amount of background to get into the mood for reading the text books and started reading Shogun again.

Set in the year 1600 it is the story of a English/Dutch sailor who finds himself in the middle of a power struggle in medieval japan. All the major characters are based on real historical persons. The novel despite its excruciatingly slow pace, paints a vivid picture of a land and people waiting for the storm to hit. I have been fascinated with civil war themes for quite some time now and was hooked on the power struggle between Toranaga (Tokugawa) and Ishido (Ishida). This book will be a great read for anyone who wants to ease his way to japanese history through fiction.
posted by Bala, 5:43 PM


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