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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

To Maddy

April 20, 2006

Seems my Spitting in Madurai has offended a commenter named Maddy. He has left a mildly flaming comment on the post and has asked me to "counter-argue". Since i am jobless enough and have been deprived of flame-wars long enough, i will try to answer the comment (the comment is in italics and my responses are in regular font)

...As a citizen of madurai, i used to frequent 77B in the mid-late 90s but i had never encountered such spittings...

I am not making this up - i am just mentioning what i saw. The best proof that such things happen is the warning boards inside the buses. I will try to photograph such boards and post it here.

BTW, its really offensive to say ur fellow brothers "kattans". As i see from ur previous post of Aruppukottai,u are really insensitive and i was aghast. u have a prejudice against small time towns/cities.

Whoa... hold on a sec..., If you reached this conclusion after reading this, then i dont get it. Calling someone "very very meek" cant make one insensitive. As i reread the post, i find i have actually praised the students for not booing me. In fact it was a downright pleasant experience.

...My dear friend, from what u write i can presume u havent been out of chennai/coimbatore. take my word dude , u will be shocked to see exactly SAME people in mumbai,calcutta and all parts of N.India...

point taken, Indian cities/towns (both in north & south) are a dirty lot. But does that make this practice alright?."Everyone does it" is a pathetic defense

Also, its funny to see u talking as a pseudo-intellectual. Actually,i get uncomfortable with guys who hail from small towns but go to big cities like chennai (if u call it BIG)and look down on others.u are 25, atleast grow up.

Whats with the Ad hominem? . If you missed the point - i call myself a pseudo-intellectually very deprecatingly. BTW, i dont hail froma small town actually (coimbatore can hardly be called small town)

...In the same madurai, if u say that u gave up IT and studying history people will be inquisitive to know why. do u have the guts to say it in B'lore or Chennai? U will be said on face - "LOSER"...

Actually i have been called "LOSER" by people in all towns - including Madurai. Some people say this a great decision, some people call me a loser - their place of origin doesnt seem to be a factor at all. What gave you the idea that Madurai karans wont call a fellow like me a "LOSER".


Love it or Hate it, this is going to my home for the foreseeable future. I call it the way i see it.
posted by Bala, 5:01 PM


Hi, let me make one thing very clear. This is not flame war. I need you just tone down ur language against madurai. the first comment of this post had explained how madurai has a great floating population and these folks are the REAl culprits and Madurai has got nothing to do with it. People in this region are friendlier than chennai. Example, Ask for an address in any of the bus stations (arappalayam/Mattuthaavani),u may atleast get a pointer unlike other cities.
Regarding ur defensive comments about the aruppukottai incident, i would have believed ur intentions if only u hadnt used those quotation marks in ur comments . If u dont know its meaning, please dont use it in future and ask what it really means to any of ur "knowledgable" friends.
"Everyone does it" is a pathetic defense..Regarding this, GIve the people some time. Everyone in TN eat with their hands. In abroad u dont. but, once in same maduari u eat the same way. why? cos "Everyone does it". Is this pathetic?

Regarding that pseudo-intellectual thing u dont need to proclaim it if u are NOT. CBE is NOT A METRO either. Big or Small i meant is not in population but instead world exposure.Even chennai is NOT BIG.

Regarding the Loser thing,Madurai karans wont call a fellow like u a "LOSER". If they had thought so, they would have never invited u for the lecture in Aruppukottai (60 Km radius of madurai)."I was able to pull the lecture off, as the audience was a) from a small town b) mostly under grads" were ur exact words. isnt it not prejudice? All those kids are not going to USA for their studies. but, they would have got some exposure. If this guy can make it, y not me would have made a lot of inspiration.

"I was in casual attire (complete with dirty jeans) and must have looked ridiculously young sitting in the dais being introduced as the great wise man". This is what anyone calls pseudo-intellectual.

Thanks for atleast giving a thought about what i said. Before i leave,like to share an info. Due to Olympics 2008, Beijing is trying its best to stop people spitting on roads/pavemets/public place so that foreigners dont get offended.Also, when compared to NYC subway muggings, madurai is relatively SAFE in nights. See the best of what u have got.

Lemme introduce myself.I am a scientist/engineer/technologist. i LOVE history and share ur passion too.i am in abroad upon invitation,selecting this country in my own terms. ONLY for seeing all those beautiful things i had read about it in history books and want to witness them.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:23 PM  
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