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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

Travelling Soldier

April 24, 2006

For people who insist that nothing good comes out Tamil Cinema, i give the following song by Ramana Gogula from the movie Badri . This was and still is at the top of favorite song lists... (It is a repost, i believe i have already posted this long time back.. but what goes)

Travelling Soldier

Look at my face in the mirror,
And I wonder what I see,
I'm just a travelling soldier,
And I'll be all I can be,

But right now (right now),
I just want to be free,
I want to be all I can be,

Oh they say I'm a failure,
Do they know who I can be?
If they wanna know who I am,
They just have to wait and see,

I'm just a travelling soldier,
And I'll be all I can be,

I'm just a travelling soldier,
And I'll be all I can be,

As sinyasi points out in the comments, this was originally a telugu movie song... as badri was originally made as thambudu (?) in telugu... 3 cheers to tollywood ;-)
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To Maddy

April 20, 2006

Seems my Spitting in Madurai has offended a commenter named Maddy. He has left a mildly flaming comment on the post and has asked me to "counter-argue". Since i am jobless enough and have been deprived of flame-wars long enough, i will try to answer the comment (the comment is in italics and my responses are in regular font)

...As a citizen of madurai, i used to frequent 77B in the mid-late 90s but i had never encountered such spittings...

I am not making this up - i am just mentioning what i saw. The best proof that such things happen is the warning boards inside the buses. I will try to photograph such boards and post it here.

BTW, its really offensive to say ur fellow brothers "kattans". As i see from ur previous post of Aruppukottai,u are really insensitive and i was aghast. u have a prejudice against small time towns/cities.

Whoa... hold on a sec..., If you reached this conclusion after reading this, then i dont get it. Calling someone "very very meek" cant make one insensitive. As i reread the post, i find i have actually praised the students for not booing me. In fact it was a downright pleasant experience.

...My dear friend, from what u write i can presume u havent been out of chennai/coimbatore. take my word dude , u will be shocked to see exactly SAME people in mumbai,calcutta and all parts of N.India...

point taken, Indian cities/towns (both in north & south) are a dirty lot. But does that make this practice alright?."Everyone does it" is a pathetic defense

Also, its funny to see u talking as a pseudo-intellectual. Actually,i get uncomfortable with guys who hail from small towns but go to big cities like chennai (if u call it BIG)and look down on others.u are 25, atleast grow up.

Whats with the Ad hominem? . If you missed the point - i call myself a pseudo-intellectually very deprecatingly. BTW, i dont hail froma small town actually (coimbatore can hardly be called small town)

...In the same madurai, if u say that u gave up IT and studying history people will be inquisitive to know why. do u have the guts to say it in B'lore or Chennai? U will be said on face - "LOSER"...

Actually i have been called "LOSER" by people in all towns - including Madurai. Some people say this a great decision, some people call me a loser - their place of origin doesnt seem to be a factor at all. What gave you the idea that Madurai karans wont call a fellow like me a "LOSER".


Love it or Hate it, this is going to my home for the foreseeable future. I call it the way i see it.
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Growing up (literally)

April 16, 2006

This week i made the strange discovery that i have grown tall by an extra 3 cm sometime in the past 3 months. Not bad for someone nudging 25... ;-)
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Books for April

April 14, 2006

1) Dragonlance DeathGate Series - Margaret Weiss
2) Freakonomics - Stephen Levitt
3) The Demon Haunted World - Carl Sagan
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Thozhil Ragasiyam - 1

April 07, 2006

(If this makes sense to you, you will become rich)

Q: How does one make money while minimizing risk?

A : Use this strategy. Use it at the beginning of the contract period, while the option premiums are the highest. There are two scenarios possible :
i) A breakout happens in any one direction. Use futures to hedge, when the underlying price breaks out of the strangle range. Future position brings in the money, while the options balance out each other. Close the posiiton when the option positions stop balancing each other.
ii) No breakout happens. Some time near the contract expiry period (or much sooner). The premiums start decreasing exponentially. Cover your option shorts.
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Demon Haunted World

April 03, 2006

Was reading Carl Sagan's "Demon Haunted World" and was chuckling over all the fellows who ardently believe in UFOs. It seemed to be pretty powerful reading till they started showing Alien Vs Predator on STAR movies. Out went Sagan and Bala spent the next two hours trying to figure out whether the xenomorph (aka alien) had eyes or not. Some scientific spirit..

The previous post on Madurai seems to have attracted two commentors quite angry at me. Well i dont mind taking potshots, but before you start swinging at me, please remember while you are are typing your posts from the comforts of _____ (fill in your city name, typically outside India), i am the one who has to deal with the spitters in 77B while going home.

But got to admit this - Madurai has the best public transportation system amongst the cities i have lived in (coimbatore, chennai, Newyork). I could spend hours extolling the virtues of multiple bus stands, high frequency of connecting buses, ring roads, circular bus routes, mini buses on less frequent routes, regular night services, differential pricing and so on. But it will take an entire post altogether - maybe will write it for calling my fellow madurai karans as kattans
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