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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

sept 27 - oct 6

October 06, 2003

nfluence : home alone
mood : mild plateau spikes expected
ringtone : break the rules......

good ten days except for continuing pathetic performances in the simcat... watched boyz.. great movie.. dunno why the old fools are pissed about it.....

something strange happened... nova went to goa..locking us out of the house... had to break hte window all hte stuff and go in.. now half the neighbourhood knows (think) that we are a bunch of sissies who cant keep a key... it is great to be known as a sissy rather a boozer type in a neighbourhood full of girls next door.. but unfortunately all the girls next door are turning out to be pinafored elementary school types... got even called by a couple as "uncle"... huh uncle... am i getting that older????..

nice weekend living alone in the house.. cable is back,, so access to mind dope though limited... great news is will be able to watch the crimson king (not the abbalah no its schumi) demolish the iceman in suzuka...

anyway... getting all the sagalay vs ragalay again,,, gosh these guys are fabulous... they define the term "kalasal".....

reread the pelican brief ( savored grisham's writing after long time... that dude has real style) and the order of the phoenix (y do i get the feeling that jk rowling is delibrately growing up her writing?.. to keep pace with the original brat pack readers?)

question to J : how do you translate "chandra kiranangal" in english moon rays?... surely moon beam is better huh???

Posted by Bala at 10:23 am

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1: Answer to Bee:

Hah. Was wondering when you'd bring this up. I shall quote my own exact words:-)):

"...The crescent moon shed its pale rays on the earth and one or two stray beams, finding a way through the windows, bathed ............'s room in a pale, glowing light."

Beams, beams and beams two or three times in a single sentence would be too much, nein, mein herr? :-))

Variety is the spice of life.:-)


About JKR...her hero's growing, nah? I expect she'd have to grow everything else too.:-)

Posted by Jay at 9:23 am on 10.07.03

2: "...got even called by a couple as "uncle"... huh uncle... am i getting that older????..."

Ohhh...mon pauvre petit :-))))

Posted by Jay at 4:28 am on 10.08.03
posted by Bala, 10:50 PM


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