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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

oct 10

October 10, 2003

influence : eternal human stupidity
mood : weekend spirit truimphing over disgust with life
ringtone : "enakkoru girlfriend venumada..."

well i am trying to clean up my language.. so i better dont write about the past two days. Human stupidity i discovered is not only eternal but also all pervasive... if i want to live longer, then the only way to survive is to grin and pretend i am a moron... (if you cant beat them....)

coming to translations
two words in the same line..... got this answer once i went home and thought about it... so moon has rays since beams cant be there twice... makes sense..... elementary rule, avoid the same word ocurring more than once in the same sentence ( steve king , on writing, 1999).. mmmm should have thought of it in the first place.. But then yours truly is a pathetic programmer while jeanie drake writes actual stuff...

But "blobs of blood".. corpses with battered bodies...can corpses have bodies?.. a corpse can have a head, a corpse can have limbs.. a corpse can have hair, eye teeth et al... but body?... ) well i guess we are running into tricky translation bits here.. "savangal with sidaindha udalgal".. i will never manage to translate that..

well i look forward to the next episode... cant wait how the following piece ( one of the more interesting piece of conversations i have read) translates

vajrabahu : yanaigalaikku oothi kudhuthu ethi viduvargal ;-)
paranjothi : idu enna anagariga yutham?
vajrabaju : yuthamae anagrigam than thambi

ought to send J steve king's on writing... she is getting better and better while i spend my time thinking about nested loops... and xml objects..

Posted by Bala at 10:52 am

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1: Be that as it may...r you sure you want a girlfriend?:-)). Inviting trouble, mon amigo?:-))

Posted by Jay at 3:56 am on 10.13.03
posted by Bala, 10:54 PM


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