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Just Shoot Me

Bala, 28, Gordon Gekko in the making, pseudo-intellectual, cynic, bibliophile, obsessive compulsive ranter...

Oct 31

October 31, 2003


mood : tired and overworked
influence: bugs bugs and more bugs
ringtone : "Engae sellum inda padhai..."

2 weeks in a blur.... non descript deepavali... mind crunching work... so no blog no blog..
hope blog comes back.. at this rate.. i may someday quite shrivel up and die in my seat...

must....... not.... work.........

Posted by Bala at 8:39 am

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1: Hi, dropped by your blog quite by accident via Upsaid! Well, happy(belated) deepavali to you! :) Mine was equally as undescript one too. Mind crunching work, huh? Well, hopefully it doesn't take a seriosu toll on your brain! ;) Take care!

Posted by thushara at 8:53 am on 10.31.03

2: That sounds like SK gone droopy, mon cher. Come, come, this isn't like you. Giddap!! Remember Jay, and thou shalt feel fresh and energetic (I hope:-)

SK rules!!!! That man is amazing, buddy. Gracias, Senor.

Posted by at 8:44 am on 11.01.03
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Oct 18

October 18, 2003

oct 18

influence : home sweet home
mood : cloud 9, heaven 7
ringtone : "ninaipadellam nadanduvittal"

I am home -------> 1)

Home is Heaven ------> 2)

1) + 2) ==> I am in Heaven :-)

Took a well deserved break from the mindless tedium of work.. haiya jolly..
but i am still worked up (hafta go back to the madhouse on monday morning)
fixed the PC.. but dont think i will get any new clothes for deepavali... will borrow
the emperor's new ones ;-)..

no home for deepavali either... play the solitary bachelor at the dumpy flat..

Had one of those great delirious journey's in the TTC bus... but one difference, since was in the front row instead of the back.. so time in deliriapolis was cut short by sleep. Have to log some of my journeys in deliriapolis.. would make funny reading. But coming home invokes more questions.. so pondering future now..

Why does life have to be a Zero-Sum Game?.. As alice learnt "the more there is of mine, the less there is of yours".. so here i am trying to beat the other bastards to the finish line..RESISTANCE IF FUTILE - shrugg and acccept, if you find yourself in a rat race, then you must be a rat!.

Every time, my cynicsm takes a hike, something brings it back. Got a mail from kupi, it says "society is evil" and "how can a lion be social".. mmm guess the guy is succumbing to the P.I.G.S syndrome.

But good things do happen

1) great simcat performance....(kanakku vathichi mavanae, pattaiya kiLappuda)
2) Fixed the PC (pinna aiya IT ingineerilla)
3) while fixing it S pops up and announces she is at home.. golly for her (sokka oru naala rendu naala, 10 naal leave achae)
4) Even got to read J..s thamil blogs (fiddled around and found i do have some TSCII fonts installed in the home PC.. now when did i do this?)

J..s blogs are how do you say.. "mature", "otherworldy".. somehow felt that, she and me waddle around in completely different spheres of influences altogether. For one thing, her outlook on life is still sunny, while i plot ways to blow up the world... funny times indeed.

plan to put a all nite browsing session today after a long long time......

Posted by Bala at 6:01 am

[Comments count: one]

1: To 'The Romeo' Factor...

This dungeon(read 'office':-) of yours is spoiling you, amigo. You used to be such a nice, unadulterated war-head - now you sound like you've given 'a farewell to arms'. [If that doesn't make you mad, nothing else will.:-))]

My blogs are 'otherworldy'?? That's a funny way of describing it.And I always was interested in the paranormal...As for sunny:-)))) What's not to be sunny about?:-)

We aren't in different worlds, amigo. It just seems that way.:-)

So...back in C'tore(you seem to have 'poorva jenma thontham with that place). My Love to Poo ma'am- she must be having a tough time, taking care of rumbling office-goers:-)

How's He-who-shalt-Not-Be-Named?

Oh...and where's Steve King's Tips on Writing????

Ya allah. This note is really looong.

From 'The Princess of the Dark/Sunny World'.

Posted by Jay at 7:52 am on 10.18.03
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oct 10

October 10, 2003

influence : eternal human stupidity
mood : weekend spirit truimphing over disgust with life
ringtone : "enakkoru girlfriend venumada..."

well i am trying to clean up my language.. so i better dont write about the past two days. Human stupidity i discovered is not only eternal but also all pervasive... if i want to live longer, then the only way to survive is to grin and pretend i am a moron... (if you cant beat them....)

coming to translations
two words in the same line..... got this answer once i went home and thought about it... so moon has rays since beams cant be there twice... makes sense..... elementary rule, avoid the same word ocurring more than once in the same sentence ( steve king , on writing, 1999).. mmmm should have thought of it in the first place.. But then yours truly is a pathetic programmer while jeanie drake writes actual stuff...

But "blobs of blood".. corpses with battered bodies...can corpses have bodies?.. a corpse can have a head, a corpse can have limbs.. a corpse can have hair, eye teeth et al... but body?... ) well i guess we are running into tricky translation bits here.. "savangal with sidaindha udalgal".. i will never manage to translate that..

well i look forward to the next episode... cant wait how the following piece ( one of the more interesting piece of conversations i have read) translates

vajrabahu : yanaigalaikku oothi kudhuthu ethi viduvargal ;-)
paranjothi : idu enna anagariga yutham?
vajrabaju : yuthamae anagrigam than thambi

ought to send J steve king's on writing... she is getting better and better while i spend my time thinking about nested loops... and xml objects..

Posted by Bala at 10:52 am

[Comments count: one]

1: Be that as it may...r you sure you want a girlfriend?:-)). Inviting trouble, mon amigo?:-))

Posted by Jay at 3:56 am on 10.13.03
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sept 27 - oct 6

October 06, 2003

nfluence : home alone
mood : mild plateau spikes expected
ringtone : break the rules......

good ten days except for continuing pathetic performances in the simcat... watched boyz.. great movie.. dunno why the old fools are pissed about it.....

something strange happened... nova went to goa..locking us out of the house... had to break hte window all hte stuff and go in.. now half the neighbourhood knows (think) that we are a bunch of sissies who cant keep a key... it is great to be known as a sissy rather a boozer type in a neighbourhood full of girls next door.. but unfortunately all the girls next door are turning out to be pinafored elementary school types... got even called by a couple as "uncle"... huh uncle... am i getting that older????..

nice weekend living alone in the house.. cable is back,, so access to mind dope though limited... great news is will be able to watch the crimson king (not the abbalah no its schumi) demolish the iceman in suzuka...

anyway... getting all the sagalay vs ragalay again,,, gosh these guys are fabulous... they define the term "kalasal".....

reread the pelican brief ( savored grisham's writing after long time... that dude has real style) and the order of the phoenix (y do i get the feeling that jk rowling is delibrately growing up her writing?.. to keep pace with the original brat pack readers?)

question to J : how do you translate "chandra kiranangal" in english moon rays?... surely moon beam is better huh???

Posted by Bala at 10:23 am

[Comments count: two]

1: Answer to Bee:

Hah. Was wondering when you'd bring this up. I shall quote my own exact words:-)):

"...The crescent moon shed its pale rays on the earth and one or two stray beams, finding a way through the windows, bathed ............'s room in a pale, glowing light."

Beams, beams and beams two or three times in a single sentence would be too much, nein, mein herr? :-))

Variety is the spice of life.:-)


About JKR...her hero's growing, nah? I expect she'd have to grow everything else too.:-)

Posted by Jay at 9:23 am on 10.07.03

2: "...got even called by a couple as "uncle"... huh uncle... am i getting that older????..."

Ohhh...mon pauvre petit :-))))

Posted by Jay at 4:28 am on 10.08.03
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